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Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer

SKU: AH153

Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer

SKU: AH153

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Expanding Your Partner's Deep, Dark Holes!

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Expander: This durable, non-porous, steel anal expander will last years, is nickel-free, and is compatible with any lubricant type.
  • Stretch Your Hole: There are six dilators with round, ball-shaped ends on them that can be adjusted from 1 inch to 4 inches in diameter using the wingnuts.
  • Prepare for Fisting: The ring is wide enough around to fit a fist, so enjoy widening your partner's hole in preparation for getting inside!
  • Widen your options and stay open to new possibilities with the Oculus Stainless Steel Anal Explorer! Built out of durable, non-porous, nickel-free metal, you can use any lube you like. Around the ring are 6 dilators that expand when you twist the wingnuts along the screw. Expand up to 4.1 inches and you'll even be able to get your fist through it! It's an extreme but perfectly easy way to train for fisting and stretching your hole. Each of the dilators has a small, round ball at the end and all the surfaces are smooth so it's safe to use. Only the smooth steel will be pressing against the sensitive tissue of the anus while the spiraling screws are outside against the buttocks. To clean after use, rinse with warm water and mild soap or boil it in water. Then spray it with isopropyl alcohol or toy cleaner and wipe clean.

    After a consent conversation about how to use this kinky tool, grab a recently cleaned Oculus Anal Explorer and lots of lube. Give the metal one more wipe down to make sure there's no debris or anything sharp on it. Prep your partner's hole with lots of foreplay and possibly another butt plug or two to warm them up. Then, use lots of lube on the inserting end and slip it inside while it's contracted. Keep the wingnuts free of lube so you can grab them without your fingers slipping and slowly turn one wingnut at a time. Slowly and gradually expand the dilators until your partner has reached their limit or the expanders have dilated to their maximum limit. If the dilators are all the way expanded, take your lube covered fist and slip it inside. Enjoy this extreme stretch and hole opening and have fun! Before removing the toy, contract the dilators again so they're smaller. Take your time and enjoy!

    Stainless Steel Anal Explorer Specs:

    Measurements: Insertable length: 2.9 inches. Dilators expand from 1 inch to 4.1 inches in diameter. Center ring inner diameter: 4.1 inches.

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal

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