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Spread Em Stainless Steel Poker Labia Clamp with Adjustable Pressure Screws

SKU: AG955

Spread Em Stainless Steel Poker Labia Clamp with Adjustable Pressure Screws

SKU: AG955

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Masochist Patient Meets Sadistic Doctor

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel: This nickel-free, stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. It can be used with any lubricant type and can be boiled in water between uses to fully sanitize.
  • Adjustable Pressure: Clamps are fully adjustable. Use the compression screws at the top and bottom to adjust the position of the clamps as they press down on the labia.
  • Pinching Clamps: There are 4 pinch screws on either side of the clamps that can be adjusted using the allen wrench. These add an extra bite of pressure against the labia for sadistic fun!
  • Medical Fetish: Spread those lips wide and let the Doctor examine you! This item is perfect for kinky, medical play.
  • Enhance your kinky, medical play scenes with this Spread 'Em Poker Labia Clamp! With the adjustable pressure screws you can get a tight and secure attachment to the labia. The 4 pinch screws add another layer of sadistic pleasure and pain to the mix by biting into the flesh. Make sure to have the pressure screws where you want them before adding more pressure to avoid twisting and causing abrasions on the skin! Open their pussy wide by using the spreader and play Doctor and patient. Made out of nickel-free, stainless steel, these clamps are durable, non-porous, can be used with any lubricant type, and are easy to clean. After use, spray with toy cleaner or a mix of alcohol and water. For sanitization, boil in water.

    After taking a freshly cleaned clamp, take a wet towel, cloth, or wipe to her pussy as well to start fresh and clean in case there are any accidental abrasions. Put on some latex or nitrile gloves to add to the scene and give your fingers a little more grip as you gently rub her clit and stroke her labia. Once she's warmed up, open the clamp and place it against her vulva; take a good look and see how her labia will fit into the clamps. Take the clamp and begin to open the sides by screwing the compression screws open, holding the round ball at the top and the bottom until they are evenly open. With the pinch screws all the way out so their base is flat and not pointing or poking in, begin to place one lip into the clamp and slowly compress the clamp on that lip and then the other. Start placing with her opening and tugging gently on the clamp to see if it stays in place. The spikes and screws help keep her from closing her legs so her vulva is on full display for you! After you've played a bit, remove the clamps by loosening the screws, then start to use the allen wrench for round two and turn the pinch screws so they poke into the space between the clamps. This time as you place the clamps on her labia, she will feel the poking, pinching, biting pressure from the pinch screws. Be prepared to play the sadistic doctor as she plays the masochistic patient yearning to be explored and probed!

    Spread 'Em Poker Labia Clamp with Adjustable Pressure Screws Specs:

    Measurements: Innermost opening is 3.75 inches in length, 1.1 inches in diameter. Each side of the clamp opens to 0.6 inches in width

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal

    Note: Adjust the pinch screws before placing them against the labia to reduce risk of tissue damage. Do not twist and turn while the screws are already pinching the skin. Allen wrench included.

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