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The Ram


The Ram The Ram The Ram The Ram The Ram The Ram
$119.00 $89.00
Rating: (21 reviews)

When you like them big, smooth and nubby look no further than The Ram glass Dildo. This dildo measures an astounding 11" in total length, in which 8.75" are insertable and a 2" diameter shaft, making it the largest borosilicate dildo available currently. The ball at end measures 2.75" in diameter. As you take in this bad boy, the nubs that surround the shaft will give you added pleasures and stimulation.

The pleasure of Borosilicate lies not only in its design, but in the material itself. Glass is very smooth and will easily insert into your anus or vagina. It can work with any lubricant and is odor-resistant. It also won't absorb the lubricant making it easy to clean and sterilize. You are able to heat or freeze the dildo if you want to experience different temperatures and sensations. It is also hypoallergenic.

With the borosilicate glass dildo, you'll receive a soft velvet pouch (with drawstring) for easy, safe and secure storage.

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Reviewed: Thursday 14 May, 2015 by Anonymous

Wowwwww! I got mine today and all i got to say is this thing is HUGE. I was only able to get a little more than the smooth part in. I'm pretty tight. It's a beast alright. Looking forward to getting really good friend with this Baby ; )_MK.

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 January, 2015 by Anonymous

This dildo will rock your asshole. It does mine. First I stretch my ass with a LARGE Butt Plug and ream it with Cinnamon 6.5 X2.0 for a while. Then I get the RAM out of the Hot Water, Lube it and my ASS real good and start Fucking my juicy ass hole. WOW, what a rush. It doesn't take long before I'm Cuming all over the place. Can't wait to get it out again, again and again!

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Reviewed: Thursday 01 January, 2015 by Anonymous

Just the Ram in mail, washed it, lubed it and stuck it in as far as I could. Man, what a feeling this dildo gives you. Tried to put the ball end in but it's a little too BIG !!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 13 November, 2013 by big cock

THE RAM- I bought this dildo 8 months ago and used it regularly for 3 months until i started popping the ball in and out getting my hole loose ,then my ass wanted bigger and thicker dildos so i put the ram up in the closet while ive been getting bigger dildos and this morning i got it out the closet heated it up in the sink and popped it in. MY GOD i forgot how good it felt popping that huge head in and out of my ass and those nubs then you spin it!!!! I like to walk around with the ball locked in,my ass clinches around it locking it tight. Then i got on my knees and started popping the ball in and out of my ass. I forgot how good this dildo felt, and of course after my ass was loose it wanted something thicker so i lubed up the Cyclops and sat down on it with my back resting against the tub slowly lowering down on top of that huge fucking head until it popped in ,then i just sat there masterbating and cumming a stream on the floor, then i stood up with the huge head locked in and OMFG had another orgasm standing up resting the base against the wall while i came again. My ass is so wore out ,its throbbing,god i love all my dildos from Extreme Restraints!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reviewed: Friday 18 October, 2013 by Obergine XL

This dildo is amazing. It takes getting used to for butt play, but once your hole is used to the bumps, it will go all the way in, locking the ball part into your hole for some intense and fulfilling play! I like to play with it inside me, from the outside. You can see/feel the end of it through your abs, moving around deep inside. Other dildos do this, too, but nothing is as smooth and non-irritating as glass. I love the weight, too.

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