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Cobalt Tower Erection Enhancer and Anal Probe

SKU: AE171

Cobalt Tower Erection Enhancer and Anal Probe

SKU: AE171

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Constrict your cock and balls and plug your ass, all with one toy!... Read more...


Constrict your cock and balls and plug your ass, all with one toy!

Enjoy a longer-lasting and more sensitive erection, while simultaneously having your ass penetrated with the Cobalt Tower. This erection enhancer is designed to harness your cock and balls through two separate holes, acting as a cock ring to maintain your erection and make it even more responsive to sensation. Meanwhile, your ass will be stuffed with five pleasure bulbs for stimulation to your prostate. This is a great toy for masturbation or for use while fucking your partner.


"I want you to fuck me wearing this," I tell him, holding up The Cobalt Tower. He can't hide the grin that immediately springs onto his face at the sight of this devious blue device. He moves forward to take it from me, eager to put it on like the adorable little slut that he is, but I stop him, pulling The Cobalt Tower back out of his reach. "I'll put it on you, but you're going to have to beg me for the sex." This doesn't seem too bad to him. I've made him beg for me before, but he doesn't know what I have in store for him this time. He's already hard, so I bend down to put the toy on him. First lubing up his cock and the sliding it onto his cock, jacking him off a little as I do so just to torment him. Then I pull his balls through the ball stretcher while he groans in pleasure. Finally, I lube up the anal probe and begin slowly pushing it into his hole. Each little bulb sends a jolt through him as he whines in ecstasy. I stand back up when I'm done, giving his cock a couple extra strokes. "Okay, now go make me dinner."

The Cobalt Tower Specifications:

  • Size: anal plus is 4.38" insertable length, 1.47" at widest point. Cock ring is 1.21" interior width.
  • Material: TPR
  • Acts as both a cock ring and anal stimulator
  • Five pleasure bulbs stimulate the anus during use
  • Ideal for masturbation, or for sex with your partner
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