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Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug


Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug
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Size: Medium/Large

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Take the pleasure of anal play to a new level with the Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug

Inserting a butt plug is part of the fun of anal play, yet the Tunnel Plug takes that an extra step. With the plug firmly inserted, your partner can then enjoy having fun with the hollow portion of the plug. They could insert an enema nozzle, vibrator, fingers, whatever they wish. The material is firm enough to stay inside, but still allow for more enhanced play.

The plug features a flared base for easy insertion and removal. The TPR material is comfortable for prolonged play and the plug is compatible with all lubricants. It can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water.

Perfect Fit Tunnel Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small/Medium): 3" total length, 2.75" insertable length, 2" in width, and 6.25" in circumference
  • Size (Medium/Large): 3.5" total length, 3" insertable length, 2.5" in width, and 8" in circumference
  • Material: PF Blend (TPR)
  • Each plug features a flared base for easy insertion and removal
  • Once inserted, the hollow core of plug allows for enhanced play
  • Place a vibrator, fingers, whatever you wish through the plug
  • Note: Model images provided by UKNAKEDMEN

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Sunday 31 July, 2016 by Dan Hole

    I agree this thing is like a drug, after awhile you wont know its there. You will have to put some tissues in the hole to stop it from leaking and use a liner in your briefs, If you wear it outside. The most difficult part was sleeping with it. But this will pass and after a while you will not know its there, as a matter of fact when you take it out you will have a strange uncomfortable feeling, not unlike when you started to get used to wearing it long term. as a matter of fact, I was flying from New York to LA, I removed it at the airport, before security and placed it in my carry on luggage, so i had it out for about 1 hour, and as soon as i got to the gate, and found a restroom and I reinserted it. I couldn't get it in fast enough. i can't explain it but it was like I was holding my breath and then finally able to breathe, After it was back in place, I felt relaxed and back to normal. So I would say this thing is like a drug, and i'm addicted. And I love it.

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    Reviewed: Monday 30 November, 2015 by Gerard Anal Lover

    I bought this plug some weeks ago. When first using I had an unpleasent feeling that the plug base might be to weak. Hardly more circumference than the widest point and very flexible. To satisfy my doubts I tied the plug to a shoe-lace. Thank #od.... When the widest part slipped up my ass, the whole toy -including base- went up inside !! I could easily get it out thanks to my shoe-lace. If not... I STRONGLY advise the PERFECT FIT double anal plug. Ths plug is GREAT and very well secured.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 27 January, 2015 by j lo kk

    got the large one . Hard to get it in but once in is ok . my gf puts things in it and it is a must !

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 07 October, 2014 by Anonymous

    I just try this new you toy in size medium/large (8" in circumference) and I love it, it fits perfectly in my ass and it stays in place. A must have.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 22 July, 2014 by Anonymous

    The plug was nice at first but the material it's made of is horrible. If you allow it to lay on its side in your toy box then it will deform and get flat spots on it. Waste of money.

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