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Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs from Extreme Restraints

Ever want to experiment with a little anal play? Then say hello to our little friend the butt plug. A butt plug is a sex toy designed to fit and stay in your ass. The classic shape of an anal plug has a recessed neck and a flared base. This lets the sphincter muscles close around it keeping the plug snugly in the rectum.

Butt plugs are for everyone. Both men and women get a lot of pleasure from anal stimulation. Butt plugs can be inserted to greatly enhance masturbation. Also many people like the feeling of fullness that a butt plug gives during intercourse. The anus is a highly erogenous zone making any kind of anal play both pleasurable and stimulating.

Some people like to insert an anal toy like a butt plug before having anal sex. This allows for the sphincter muscles to loosen up and get accustomed to being penetrated. If you are adventurous, try a vibrating butt plug, a male g-spot stimulating butt plug or even an electrosex butt plug. Whatever your pleasure, just make sure you use plenty of Lube because the anus is not self lubricating like the vagina.

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