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5pk Misbehaved Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AH003

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5pk Misbehaved Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AH003

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Quick Behavioral Correction Cuffs

Key Features

  • Professional Style Police Cuffs: Get punished for misbehaving with these sturdy, professional style police zip-tie cuffs!
  • Strong and Flexible: The plastic is both durable and flexible so you can restrain your partner and still give them room to wriggle and struggle.
  • Easy To Use: Super simple cuffs that only require slipping onto wrists or arms and pulling the center tight. Can easily be removed, as well, by cutting them off. Safety shears are recommended for cutting the cuffs off with.
  • Versatile Restraints: Can be used as cuffs on the ankles, wrists or arms and slipped on quickly for active scenes and roleplay!
  • These easy to use zip tie police cuffs are perfect for quickly and securely restraining your misbehaving partner! Made out of durable, flexible plastic, they are designed after professional, police zip-tie cuffs. Slip them on over wrists, ankles or upper arms to bind them in place and cinch it tight to keep them from getting free! These are one-time use items that need to be cut off with scissors, a knife or safety shears. Use safety shears to ensure that your partner is not accidentally cut in the process of freeing them!

    When you are playing the disciplinarian and enforcer and your partner is playing the role of criminal, grab these ties and cuff them quickly before they can misbehave any more! Slip them on their wrists or use one set on the upper arms and the second on the wrists to completely bind their hands and arms behind them. Use them to hog-tie their wrists and ankles together or simply keep them from running away by using the cuffs on their ankles alone. They are difficult to get off without a knife, scissors or shears, so make sure to have those on you! You can also pretend that they are your captive in a kidnapping scene, as well! Have fun and play safe!

    5pk Misbehaved Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs Specs:

    Measurements: 27.5 inches overall length, adjusts up to 8 inch circumference

    Materials: Plastic

    Color: Black

    Note: Ties must be cut off to be removed; exercise care while removing them with scissors. It is recommended to use safety shears to cut them off with.

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