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10X Cyber Stroke Vibrating Masturbator

SKU: AH072

10X Cyber Stroke Vibrating Masturbator

SKU: AH072

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A Vibrating Stroker that You Can Combine with a Blowjob!

Key Features

  • Vibrating Stroker: Comes with 3 speeds and 7 patterns of powerful vibration!
  • Soft, Stretchy and Realistic: This soft and stretchy TPE has a realistic feel with nubs along the interior and donut-shaped entries on both sides that cushion against the body as you pound your meat.
  • Open Ended: The open-ended design allows for easy clean-up, a variety of shaft lengths, and can be combined with fellatio for combined vibration and licking/sucking from your partner.
  • Optimal Design: The firm outer case has a non-slip grip and the removable sleeve allows for easy clean up and air-drying. The two end caps help keep the toy dust and dirt free when not in use.
  • Jerking off never felt so good! With this Vibrating Mini Double Stroker, you get 3 speeds and 7 patterns of powerful vibrations rumbling against your rock hard cock! The open-ended design allows for you or your partner to add to the experience by sucking, licking, playing and teasing that head until you just can't handle it anymore! With a firm outer case that has a non-slip grip, you can stay in control without struggling to keep hold… though you may struggle to keep from blowing your load! Two end caps can be placed on either end to keep it dirt and dust free when not in use. The open-ended design also makes this soft and stretchy TPE easier to clean. On the inside is a removable sleeve covered in nubs that add texture and sensation. The two donut-hole entries also give some extra padding against your pelvis as you pound into the stroker. The sleeve can be removed for easy clean up; simply wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and rinse. Let air dry before placing it back into the container. Use only with water-based or silicone based lubricants. Recharge via the USB cord between uses.

    Grab some lube and squirt some in the stroker as well as on your shaft. If you're combining this with oral, try using a flavored lube so your partner can enjoy the taste! Turn the toy on and cycle through different speeds and patterns until you find the one you like. Then stroke away, enjoying the tight squeeze from this stretchy sleeve. Hand the stroker to your partner if they're ready to take you into their mouth and take control while keeping the buzzing vibes on your rod. After you're done, simply rinse, clean, and let dry!

    Vibrating Mini Double Stroker Specs:

    Measurements: Case length: 4.5 inches width: 3.4 inches. Insertion length: 4 inches.

    Materials: TPE, ABS plastic

    Color: Black, clear

    Note: Do not use with petroleum-based products. USB rechargeable.

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