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10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AE684

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10pk Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs

SKU: AE684

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Have these sexy and effective zip ties on hand for when you need to restrain your naughty lover!... Read more...


Have these sexy and effective zip ties on hand for when you need to restrain your naughty lover!

Save 32% off with this kit versus purchasing 10 separate zip cuffs.

Now in a pack of 10 to increase the possibilities for your bondage scene! Your partner isn't going anywhere once you've got them restrained in these Zip Tie Police Cuffs. These effective restraints can be removed by pressing the release switch so that they can be used again and again! Simple, lightweight, and secure, these cuffs can be used on the wrists, ankles, or anywhere else to take full control of your lover while they squirm in pleasure. Insert the ends through the tabs in the center and make that naughty slut submit to your desires! They can struggle as violently as they like, there is no breaking out once these are on.


I have two women in service to Me as My slaves. Although they'll do just about anything I tell them to, I still love to tie them up and keep them restrained at My mercy. I already have the Thunderstick wands, wartenberg wheel, crop, and cane laid out when they enter My dungeon room. "Lay down on the floor," I tell them and they instantly comply, laying flat on their bellies, breasts cushioning their torsos. "Reach back and grab your ankles," I say and, again, they obey instantly. I pull out the last remaining parts of our scene: the Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs. I start with the beautiful slave to my left, cuffing her wrists, and then looping another Zip Tie Cuff through them to then cuff her ankles. I repeated the process with My slave to the right, and then said, "Spread your knees open." Barely able to move, they struggled to open their legs for me while I reached for the Thundersticks.

Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs- 10 Pack Specifications:

  • Measurements: Adjustable from 8 to 4 inches in circumference
  • Material: Plastic
  • Note: Kit includes 10 zip tie cuffs
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