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Thunder Stroker Sucking Masturbator

SKU: AH366

Thunder Stroker Sucking Masturbator

SKU: AH366

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The Mighty Hammer

Key Features

  • Hammer of Lust: Built like a hammer built for a god, this will give you thunderous pleasure!
  • Textured Tunnel: Made out of soft and stretchy, TPE, this textured tunnel has nubs that grip and massage and is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful Vibrations and Suction: Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns of vibration combined with another 5 modes of suction!
  • Splashproof and Rechargeable: Can handle wet lube but isn't waterproof. Recharge using the USB cable provided.
  • The mighty hammer has come so you can cum too! This hammer of lust is built for a god, but can be enjoyed by anyone with a rod to nail it with! The outside is silver and gold, with a thick handle to hold onto where the buttons are located. The inside houses a super stretchy, soft, TPE sleeve with textured nubs that grabs and massage your cock as you fuck this hammer masturbation toy. Enjoy 3 speeds and 7 patterns that rumble through your shaft! Combine it with an irresistible sucking feature and choose between 5 different suction modes! It shouldn't be submerged underwater or taken in the shower, but it is splashproof enough to handle wet, slippery lube. Recharge using the USB cable. When you're done playing with this lusty hammer, gently pull out the sleeve and wash it with warm water and toy cleaner after each use. Pat dry and store in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and separated from other toys.

    You're rock hard, horny, and ready to play with a special new toy. With lube squirting into the center of the hammer, you slide your shaft into the sleeve, turn it on, and let out a moan of satisfaction as your cock is squeezed, buzzed, and sucked. It rocks your shaft and buzzes deep into the core. The tip of your rod is pulled into the center of the hammer, sucked intensely in bursts of sensation that bring you to the edge of ecstasy. You feel yourself getting harder, your balls heavy and full, until you finally burst, the hammer firmly in your grip, and cum into this epic hammer!

    Thunder Stroker Sucking Masturbator Specs:

  • Overall length: 9.1 inches.
  • Overall width: 7.7 inches.
  • Insertion depth: 5.5 inches.

    Materials: ABS plastic, TPE, silicone (buttons)

    Color: Silver, Gold, Black

    Note: Do not use with petroleum based lubricants. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are recommended.
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