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Tenga Flip Orb Strong

SKU: RA102

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Tenga Flip Orb Strong

SKU: RA102

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Lose Yourself In The Angular Textures Inside This Intensely Textured Sleeve.

Rub against the firm orbs and angular, springy ridges found inside the Flip Orb Strong! The stimulating orbs are surrounded by Tenga’s notoriously supple elastomer, giving you something soft yet solid to rub your member against.

The springy dynamic ridges found in the Strong Blue Rush are uniquely more intense than other Tenga Flip Orbs.

The hourglass shape and ergonomic design makes the Tenga Flip Orbs easy to hold and control during use. The outer pressure pads allow for direct control of stimulation and pressure to give you the tightness you crave.

The unique Flip Open feature of Tenga Flip Orbs makes it easy to apply lubricant to the entirety of the inside, and make cleaning and drying a breeze.

Tenga Flip Orb Strong Specs:

  • Materials: ABS, PC Elastomer
  • Dimensions: Width 3.39 inches, Diameter 2.8, Height 7 inches. Insertion length 5.52 inches, insertion width 1.38 inches.
  • Weight: approximately 0.93 lbs
  • Color: Black/Blue or Black/Orange
  • Included: 2 sample lotion packs and detailed instructions
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