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Blackjack Stroker


Rating: (4 reviews)
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Give your cock the red carpet treatment, with the Blackjack Stroker Device. You will get the pleasure of a penis pump that also simulates a blowjob. It includes a soft-textured silicone sleeve that will surround your penis comfortably, keeping it in place with a secure vacuum seal. There's even a vibration feature so your cock will get plenty of stimulation and satisfaction. The multi-speed remote let's you place the vibration level at your desire. The power grip handle let's you get a firm hold of the machine while in use and the suction bulb let's you determine the right speed of the sucking and stroking. For an added touch, the silicone sleeve's opening is shaped like lips, thereby giving you a full impressing of having your cock sucked.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Blackjack is a combination penis pump, stroker and blowjob simulator.
  • You can use the remote control to obtain multi-speed vibrations.
  • Use the power grip handle to get a firm hold of the device during use.
  • The sleeve is made of a hi-grade silicone that will be comfortable on your penis.
  • The sleeve is soft-textured and will maintain a tight vacuum seal.
  • The sleeve measures 8" in length.
  • The Stroker offers vertical stroking action and a suction bulb w/ quick release valve.
  • The Blackjack measures 13" standing and 8.5" in circumference.
  • You'll need 4 C batteries (not included) for the remote control.


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Reviewed: Sunday 21 July, 2013 by Anonymous

Nice try... but no cigar. Motion is too small to really be felt. Vibes are to far removed from contact with penis. Good idea though...

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Reviewed: Saturday 02 February, 2013 by Anonymous

I purchased this a while back and thought I'd share my experiences. The Blackjack Stroker is a combination penis pump/masturbator. I over pumped for too long the very first time I used it. I only mention this in case anyone else does it. The swelling will go down. Don't freak out and be more careful next time. This is a penis pump and can have damaging effects if used improperly. Anyway, back to the product. The sensations are good, but not fantastic. The combination of suction, vibration and the stroking motion of the machine were not enough to bring me to climax on their own, sadly. I always had to help it out with broader, manual strokes. However, I do think this would be a wonderful toy for some foreplay, especially with it being a pump. I've owned this device for a few months now. The vibration still works, but the stroking motor is no longer functioning. It isn't a big loss, as I've had to manually stroke it to get anywhere, but I expect more when I drop over seventy dollars on a toy. I still use it today (though not daily, I recommend you only take this one out once in a while), so I can't say that I'm dissatisfied, but, for the price, I wish I had just gotten a fleshlight or something.

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Reviewed: Monday 31 May, 2010 by hike neked

Clever idea- and it does suck your cock. But it didn't last much longer than it took to rub a nasty abrasion on the head of my cock. I'm above average size- but not huge. The pump pulls the head of my cock up beside the stroking piston, and rubs it raw. If your over eight inches long watch out!

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Reviewed: Saturday 31 October, 2009 by Anonymous

I really like this one! My penis fits in just right. It sucks and vibrates really well. The up and down motion could be better, but its still stimulating. It is a little hard to clean. Good overall toy!

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