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Zeus Electrosex Bullet


$45.00 $38.00
Rating: (3 reviews)
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Electrify your sex life with the Zeus Electrosex Bullet!

Couples who engage in an active sex life are always looking for new ways to spice up their routine. When adding Electrosex to the mix, both the man and the woman can find out that e-stim can be a pleasurable new sensation to experience. The Zeus Electrosex Bullet is an accessory that easily attaches to the Zeus Electrosex boxes and offers new paths to pleasure.

Simply place the bullet inside of the vagina or anus and connect to a power box. As a bi-polar product, you don't need any additional accessories to use the bullet. When you turn on the box, watch your partner wiggle with delight as the sensual power of electrosex gives them plenty of internal pleasure.

Enjoy adding a new dimension to your sex life by adding the Zeus Electrosex Bullet into your routine.

Zeus Electrosex Bullet Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: The bullet measures 2.25" in length and 1" in width
  • This item is bi-polar. Can work without an additional accessory.
  • Compatible with all Zeus Electrosex power boxes
  • Place easily into the anus or vagina for new e-stim sensations

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 13 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    This unit looked durable and quite effective since it appeared to be all conductive metal and very compact to focus the intensity. After receiving it, I have to say yes and yes. I had seen what appeared to be this item in use in a video, and the effects seemed quite powerful. So I gave it a try. All my first impressions were borne out. Yes it is metal, it is intense, it's about the size of a big toe so insertion's not too daunting no matter where you want to use it or how much ...previous experience... one may have with insertables. Novices can take it with little trouble. The sensations can be QUITE strong. But as mentioned in another review, placement is everything. The unit is small and can move all over, I made the mistake of upping the power when it slid past a good contact spot and when it happened to wander into another sensitive contact point - YOW! (I learned a LOT! VERY quickly.) This is a very well made and powerful device. But how you use it (can it wander?) makes ALL the difference in the experience. I have no regrets purchasing this, but I have a lot of learning to discover the most effective ways to use this. I have never so looked forward to school! ;-)

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 18 September, 2012 by jo io

    this is funn! put it in and go shooping . the control box too big but put in pocket. sensations are amazing . u will cum ! i came in my pants . love it

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    Reviewed: Saturday 09 June, 2012 by Anonymous

    I decided to purchase this item because I thought it would be a little more durable compared to other electrical insertables. It looks to be made of mostly metal, compared with other products that have to much plastic which make for an expensive toy that breaks easily. However, after receiving it a few days ago i noticed it is lighter then I anticipated which leads me to conclude it is not as durable as i hoped it would be. Still the product works great and really gives some you some shocking sensations. I was surprised at how strange yet pleasurable the feeling was inside me. My only complaint is that it is a little two small. to really get the sensation the device obviously needs to be in direct contact with your anal or vaginal walls, therefore it works great at first but once you loosen up some it becomes harder and harder to feel the sensation. I will say it is bigger then I expected but i still would really have liked to find something with more girth, that is not four times the price of this one. Another problem is that being the nature of a bullet it has no base so if you use it anally like i do, it can get sucked up into the opening of your intestine. If this happens it is uncomfortable to begin with and if you add even mild electrical stimulation it will double your discomfort for sure and can get painful. So if they made a version of this toy with a base it would be great. Just to sum it up basically if your tight, and you use it vaginally it is a fantastic toy. However if you like anal play (and thats what you intend to use it for) and you have some experience I would not recommend this toy.

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