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Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch


Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch
$65.00 $48.95
Rating: (5 reviews)
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The Possessor presents a new take on the cock ring, by offering a scrotum pouch with electrosex possibilities

Before you begin to incorporate its e-stim capabilities, the Possessor functions as a cock ring. It's able to help men maintain a longer-lasting and harder erection. Once you slip the balls into the scrotum pouch, however, you can then connect the Possessor to an electrosex power box and include e-stim sensations. So while your man is penetrating you, give his testicles a tingle of electrosex.

Possessor Electro Scrotum Pouch Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 4.75 inches in total length, 3.25 inches in width, 1.5 inches inner diameter unstretched
  • Material: TPR, metal
  • Color: Black
  • Note: Comes with scrotum sack and leads, power box and gel not included
  • Works best with Zeus Electrosex power boxes and accessories
  • Works as a functional cock ring, keeping him harder for a longer period of time
  • Attach the scrotum pouch to a power box to emit electrosex sensations

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    Reviewed: Friday 17 February, 2017 by Anonymous

    Hard to get on but I found turn the scrotum pouch inside out, place on the bottom of your ball sack. Put your fingers inside the hole that is facing down, stretch it opens and pull up. I found that I did have to manouver one ball into the pouch but the material is very flexible. Great stimulation but as another reviewer said you quickly go from pleasure to pain so my advice is to take it slow. This is a great addition to my other ElectroSex gear.

    Was this review helpful? 7   30

    Reviewed: Friday 26 August, 2016 by Anonymous

    If you have big balls I don't recommend this. Could not get it on. Even with my lady helping me it just was impossible to get on. Ended up cutting off the cock ring to get it to fit

    Was this review helpful? 10   43

    Reviewed: Monday 16 May, 2016 by Anonymous

    Just received this and it's everything and more that I could have asked for. The stim is extremely intense so per the other reviews be careful with the thresholds. Other than that I love the fit and how it makes my cock extremely erect. Great job guys.

    Was this review helpful? 12   52

    Reviewed: Sunday 14 September, 2014 by bikeman 723

    WOW this thing is one mean little bastard ! I had trouble figuring out just how to get my balls into it. Do not use the jell until after you pull the pouch around your balls. Then apply the jell. Be careful on the settings on you box! one addition of power will go from pleasure to well a pain in your balls ! Feels real nice when just wearing it. I'm happy with this thing !

    Was this review helpful? 21   52

    Reviewed: Thursday 28 August, 2014 by bikeman 723

    Just got this lat night and it can be a MEAN little bastard. Wearing it right now and the feelings are awesome. It was a bit difficult to figure how to bet my balls in the pouch but after I did very different feeling around the boys. Use the electro gel or you well FRY your balls. Back to he fun !

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