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Women's Leather Body Harness


Womens Leather Body Harness Womens Leather Body Harness
$135.00 $98.00
Rating: (2 reviews)
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Leather Body Harness for Women

Made of quality leather and offered in 3 sizes, nothing can compare to being bound in our women's leather harness.


  • Small: 28" waist; 36" chest; 33" length
  • Medium: 30" waist; 38" chest; 35" length
  • Large: 32" waist; 40" chest; 36" length

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Monday 13 December, 2010 by Harnessed Woman

    My boyfriend bought this for me. He thought I looked very sexy in it, but I found that the leather rubbed my tender bald pussy if worn and walked in for a while. We also found that it inspired him to put his dick in my pussy, but he would get leather burn when he thrusted in and out. He bought some leather and fixed it. He reconnected the waist straps to two thigh straps, which leaves my pussy fully exposed and available. Anytime my pussy gets a little moist and needs some satisfaction, I just put this on and get what I need. Last Saturday night, he decided that I look too good in this harness for him not to share the view with others. I wore this under a raincoat to our favorite adult movie theater. When we went in, he kept me standing at the back of the theater where he faced me, unbuttoned the coat, and reached in to fondle me as we were kissing. I got so hot that I didn't protest when he slipped the coat off me and let it fall to the ground. We were soon surrounded by a crowd that included a couple of women. When one of the women moved forward to rub my ass, he spun me around and held my arms. The woman had free access to my pussy in the modified harness. She may not have known that I had never been touched sexually by a woman before, but she fingered me to an orgasm that made me moan loudly. He put my coat on me and took me into a private booth where he removed the coat and fucked me as men or women watched through the 3 holes in the wall from other booths.

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    Reviewed: Friday 14 August, 2009 by Happy Boy

    My Girlfriend bought this for me (well, us!), and being guy, it took a little 'adjusting', but surprisingly, not too much! The cut at the crotch is PERFECT to keep my testicles tucked up in my belly, and my penis and scrotum tucked back - Just tight enough to hold everything in place without being uncomfortable - and the 'V' cut makes my look like I have no 'boy parts' at all! ;-) Add a good dildo with a base, and I can satisfy my GF without any physical satisfaction myself, but I get a great feeling inside from knowing that I've satisfied her! The upper back ring between the shoulders makes a Great place to strap my wrists (and sometimes ankles) to, or my wrists to the 2 waist rings (keeps me from touching anything!) so it also has many bondage possibilities! We both think I look pretty damn sexy waring just this over Wolford Fatal pantyhose (seamless, with the waistband of the hose right under the waistband of the harness), but it's a little 'too much exposure' for me to wear out in public, so when we go out for late night walks, I wear a cute pink leotard over my hose, and under this harness, with a pair of black knee-high boots with 3" chunky heels ('Go-Go' Boots) - We're trying to find some thigh-high boots with 5+ inch spike heels for me to wear, but none of the places we've tried have my size! :-( Still, a LOT of Fun, Quality construction, and Sexy as Hell! THANKS, XR!

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