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The BAM Huge Realistic Dildo


Rating: (43 reviews)

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Care to step up to the plate and see if you handle one of the big boys? The BAM realistic dildo is for those serious adventurers who want to get plenty of cock and pleasure. When you hold the BAM in your hand, you can feel the heft, thickness and size of this realistic cock, which should also tell you that this isn't just some regular dildo. It's been made to look like the actual cock of porn actor BAM. There's a suction cup base, so you can place it against a wall or on the floor for serious hands-free action. Enjoy the challenge of bottoming out on this dildo.

Specifications: The BAM is made from a high quality jelly material. The BAM dildo measures 13" in length and 2.5" in diameter. You'll also get a satin carrying case.

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Reviewed: Sunday 07 February, 2016 by size queen

I built a fucking machine for the express purpose of attaching the Bam and pummeling my ass with it, imagining that Mandingo is taking me in doggy. I come so hard and so much doing this I feel like a milk cow. When I've exhausted myself with Bam I switch to the man-o-lith for a nice relaxing mega-stretch.

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Reviewed: Saturday 17 October, 2015 by ben SD

i received this toy yesteday. i am a straight dude who likes stretching out his mancunt for a huge assgape. this dildo fucks your manpussy like no other! it is massive, extremely heavy and huge- when i saw it i thought i would never be able to absorb even an inch of that huge glans into my manpussy, but the lust to shove it into my begging asshole was so big that i swallowed half of that massive heavy dildo at my first ride within a few minutes. it is definitely not suitable for anal beginners, i would consider myself anal advanced and ready to take a 2.5-3" butt plug- but this heavy ass splitter? Well I was SCREAMING with every inch in and out and the look in the mirror and the feel of this huge anal invader made me explode and harder and harder the more and deeper i fucked. WHAT A JOY! My assjuices were squirting and oozing out like a pussy screaming for more and after two hours fucking, my asshole just had turned into a huge huge stretched-out anal pussy, gaping wide open...burping and farting... anal juicies dripping, easily ready to take a fist punch now. What a joy assbrothers!! STRONG BUY recomendation for all who enjoy similar anal action

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Reviewed: Wednesday 19 August, 2015 by Leon Snyder

BAM is the man when it comes to dildo fucking in a man pussy. I love forearm. He is big and feels so good in my ass. I am to a point where I can cowboy forearm with no pain no warm up. I say that because I am sure you all know that forearm is much bigger than BAM. No matter how good forearm is fucking my man-pussy I always end up back on BAM. His length, veins, diameter makes him the perfect dildo for doing some serious penetration in various position quickly switching him around. I fuck BAM so hard now. Once I positioned him I penetrated him with one quick motion all the way to the balls. Then I long stroke him as hard as I can until his ball is practically going inside me. That is when my man-pussy really opens up. The juices start flowing so much I no longer need any lube. For the next hour or two I apply no additional lube only using the juices from inside of me to fuck BAM hard fast, slow medium and in as many different position I can turn my body to accept. If you have a weight bench for lifting with the middle flat part in the middle. BAM will mount right to it without slipping off. Once you stick him inside your man-pussy you can fuck him as hard and as long as you can handle. You will be facing the wall when you mount him you will not be on all fours but more like sitting on him. You will be able to get every inch including the balls as far inside you as you like or can handle. The ball do not actually go inside but you will feel them on every trust. There is times I fuck BAM three times in one day. He feels that good especially when you explore different position with him and your man-pussy is wide open begging for more. My man-pussy begs by farting loud while BAM is inside of me. I fuck until the farting stops. Don't know about you guys but I love it when my man-pussy is farting while I am fucking it hard and fast.

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Reviewed: Monday 17 August, 2015 by Anonymous

Ooh this toy make my hole squirt juices from it. I can't get enough!

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 March, 2015 by Anonymous


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