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Forced Spread Stainless Steel Anal Explorer

SKU: AH157

Forced Spread Stainless Steel Anal Explorer

SKU: AH157

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Open Wide with this Steel Anal Explorer!

Key Features

  • Anal Expander: Experience the incredible expansion as this plug opens your anus from 1.6 inches to an astounding 3.8 inches in diameter, providing the ultimate in anal stretching.
  • Tapered Plug: The tapered tip and smooth metal construction ensure comfortable and easy insertion. Enhance the experience with your favorite lubricant.
  • Large Enough for Fisting: With a center ring spacious enough for fisting enthusiasts, this anal explorer opens up new possibilities. It comes with six silicone O-rings.
  • Nickel Free Steel: This stainless steel is nickel-free, body-safe, and easy to clean.
  • Prepare for the ultimate anal exploration with our Stainless Steel Anal Explorer, designed to take your pleasure to new depths. Train your rear entry for larger and wider penetrations using this expanding toy, featuring an expanding metal plug that dilates from 1.6 inches to an impressive 3.8 inches in diameter. Feel the exhilarating coldness of the hard steel inside you or heat it up with a touch of hot water for temperature play that will leave you breathless. The sleek stainless steel is not only body-safe and nickel-free but also incredibly easy to clean, ensuring your experiences are as hygienic as they are intense. Compatible with all types of lubricants, this anal explorer allows you to stretch open that hole and indulge in the most mind-blowing sensations.

    The tapered tip of the plug ensures effortless insertion, guiding you into a world of exquisite pleasure. Once inside, turn the screws to gradually stretch your ass wide as the plug separates into three distinct parts. Take your time, savoring each moment to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience without causing any serious discomfort. While this toy is perfect for extreme anal enthusiasts, anyone can embrace the joys of widening their backdoor. It's also ideal for those training for fisting adventures. The generously sized center ring provides ample space for most fits, allowing you to prepare by gently stretching the opening before slowly introducing a hand. With six silicone o-rings that wrap around the plug as it expands, you can customize the experience to your desired level of intensity.

    To maintain optimal cleanliness, clean the Stainless Steel Anal Explorer with an isopropyl alcohol and water solution, or boil it in hot water after each use. For everyday cleaning, warm water and mild soap followed by a toy cleaner will ensure it stays in pristine condition.

    When engaging in this exhilarating experience with a partner, ensure you have plenty of their favorite, long-lasting, body-safe lubricant on hand. Verify that the toy is clean and free of any rough surfaces, as its smoothness is paramount to their pleasure and safety. Begin by slowly sliding it inside while the plug is set on the smallest setting, allowing your partner to acclimate to the sensations. As the scene unfolds, gradually turn each of the wingnuts, allowing the screws to widen the plug. Remember, patience and enjoyment should guide your journey. Explore the depths of pleasure, but never force or rush the process. When the session reaches its conclusion, carefully return the plug to the smallest setting before removing it. Make sure to clean the toy soon after in order to ensure it's ready for the next intense scene.

    MS Forced Spread Stainless Steel Anal Explorer Specs:

    Measurements: Insertable length: 3 inches. Plug expands from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches in diameter. Center ring inner diameter: 4.2 inches.

    Materials: Stainless steel, silicone (O-rings)

    Color: Grey

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