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Face Rider Queening Chair

SKU: AH382

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Face Rider Queening Chair

SKU: AH382

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A Throne Fit for a Queen

Key Features

  • Plush Padded Seat: Enjoy the plush, red, padded seat covered in vegan leather! You can sit for hours and be worshiped in comfort.
  • Removable Head Sling: Give your submissive partner a chance to relax their head and neck and keep themselves perfectly poised to serve you with a removable head sling that supports the neck.
  • Connect Cuffs to the Seat!: Keep your partner in place! There are 2 connection points to cuff their hands to.
  • Durable Metal Stool: Made out of durable metal, the stool can hold up to 440 lbs and requires no assembly.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply wipe it down with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution.
  • Sit atop your throne like a true Queen and enjoy the service of a faithful submissive. With this durable queening chair you can slide your sub underneath you, rest their head in the removable sling, cuff their wrists to the chair, and keep them there until you're fully serviced and satisfied. The chair is made out of durable metal that can hold up to 440 lbs and is covered with red, vegan leather padding. To clean, simply wipe down each surface with a soft cloth after spraying it with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water or a mix of vinegar and water.

    Your pet kneels before you, blindfolded and their cock in a cage. You have them lay on their back and slide their head under the chair, settle their neck into the sling. Both of their wrists are cuffed in place so they aren't even tempted to move or touch themselves. They are so eager for you that their body writhes with desire. You hear them gasping and moaning as they taste you. Your feet press against their chest, using their body as a footstool as you sit upon your throne. Their tongue explores your pussy, tastes its nectar, and you let your hands wander as you touch yourself, fully indulging in your own pleasure and enjoying that they cannot pleasure themselves! You are the Queen of this throne, and they are your servant whose only purpose is to please you!

    Face Rider Queening Chair Specs:

  • Overall: 22 inches Length x 22 inches Width x 13.5 inches Height.
  • Seat opening: 15 inches Length x 8.5 inches Width.
  • Base footprint: 15.75 inches Length x 15.75 inches Width.

    Weight capacity: Chair supports up to 440 lbs

    Materials: Vegan leather, foam, wood, metal

    Color: Red, black
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