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Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plugs


Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plugs Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plugs
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Zeus Electrosex Torpedo Plugs

These cucumber shaped plugs are simply electrifying. Their simplistic design makes them affordable and versatile. They can be used anally or vaginally. Most start off with the small size anally and then work their way up. Once inserted you can experience a mild or wild sensations of pleasure depending how much power you give these torpedoes. They work with all of our Zeus Power Units. The Folsom units will need our KE110 adapter shown below. Bi-polar design makes use easy, just plug and play.

Comes in 2 sizes.

  • Small: 3 inches long, 1 inch wide
  • Large: 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide

The unique torpedo design naturally tapers at the base providing a comfortable fit.

Credits: Image # 2 is courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 February, 2017 by jerrie timm

I was castrated five years ago and can no longer get erect or have a complete orgasm but after I bought the Zeus with the nipple clamps my nipples have become very sensitive, to where I can masturbate my limp dick to a near orgasm, now with the larger Torpedo attached The electro turned on to a higer setting as it mygrates into me my nipples and prostrate being manipulated I can jack off to a paulsating elec. stimulation that brings me to a very satifing orgasm is advised to attach a teather to retreve the torpedo is a good idea..thank you very much for making me feel like a man again Your satisfied Castrated Eunuch customer...jerrie

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Reviewed: Saturday 09 July, 2016 by Bobbie Garcia

I bought this torpedo about 5 months ago and have used it 7 or 8 times. I liked it from the start but today I learned why women prefer a good dildo to a man. I got the best fucking of my life. I read all the reviews on this and attached a boot lace for retrieval. Today this little thing fucked me so hard that it did indeed go all the way inside and continued to keep going. If was so good I didn't want to stop it. I pulled it back out enough for the end to be back outside. I repeated this 3 times before I had one of the best orgasms of my 68 year old life. If my wife left me today it would make me happier as I could do this every couple of days. Remember to attach a ribbon or string to retrieve this out of your or your lovers as.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 19 April, 2016 by richard garcia

Wow. I may give up having sex. This thing gave me a pounding for 15 minutes. With the Zeus controller I liked the acupuncture setting it gives you the most pounding for the buck. it varies from pounding to muscle tightening. I was worn out after the 15 minutes and dumped the biggest load I have had in a very long time. After reading other reviews I did tie a retrieval cord to it.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 October, 2015 by Anonymous

The large Torpedo was part of an 'introduction to Electrosex' kit I threw together as a new customer here. The other reviews were very helpful. Mindful of the complaints of others, I think I avoided many unpleasant surprises. I made sure the area was squeaky clean (actually 'slippery clean' thanks to liberal application of Zeus electrosex gel). Everyone's experience will be different, but the large torpedo lived up to its name and took a lot of deep relaxing breaths - and 'lying back and thinking of England' - to get positioned. I used the 'lace tether' idea suggested in another review and anchored it by tying the tether to the back of my thong. That idea made my first experience intense and ...I think... pleasurable, rather than disastrous. Yes, the shape of this torpedo makes it want to embed itself as deeply inside you as it can get, and I didn't relish an embarrassing late night E.R. visit! The lace anchor held, and the experience was far, FAR more intense than I had dreamed. I used it with the Zeus powerbox and sampled all 7 settings. Once I got over the really new sensations, I think I began to like them. Removal was another anxious moment, since I wasn't sure what the strong twitches, spasms and near convulsions (all chosen by my settings and intensity) might have done to my insides. No worries. After slowly, steadily working it back out (another new experience) it was as good as new, still slick with gel. A thorough scrubbing with antibiotic hand soap and it's back in its box waiting for its next launch. ...As am I. I think I'm really learning to enjoy this! :-)

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 March, 2014 by Anonymous

put a shoe sting tied to the end and let your slave have the whole thing in the ass when your done pull it out with the string attached~~~~ works great and you don't have to go digging around unless you want lol lol lol have fun guys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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