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Latex Vac Bed


Latex Vac Bed Latex Vac Bed Latex Vac Bed Latex Vac Bed
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eXtreme Latex Vacuum Bed - The Ultimate Bondage Experience

This Latex Vac-Bed is made for those looking for a very intense bondage experience. Feel what its like to be encased tightly in all latex. Using a vacuum you remove the air from inside the vac-bed, the vac-bed slowly immobilizes the person inside providing a restrictive and sensual experience. The clear top vac bed is a neat option. It allows you to see the Bottom very well and the great facial expressions they make when the air is sucked out. The Vac-Bed comes with:

  • Its own 1 1/2 inch PVC frame (holes are predrilled along the inside to spread the force of the vacuum.)
  • A 14 gauge latex sack, with a zipper that runs along one side, fits snuggly over the PVC frame.

Using your Latex Vacuum Bed is simple. Place your bondage partner inside the Vac-Bed, ensuring that they can breathe safely through the Vac-Bed's breathing hole. Close the zipper that runs along the side of the vac-bed and connect the vacuum. There is a 1 .5" PVC connector that is designed to fit most household vacuums.

NOTE: (eXtreme Restraints recommends using a hollow gag so that there is no chance of the breathing hole slipping and restricting the flow of air.)

When the vacuum cleaner is switched on, all of the air will be rapidly removed the the vac-bed. Basically you are shrink wrapping the person inside! It is important to check to make sure that the person inside the Vac-Bed is breathing ok before continuing. The vac bed features both small breathing holes and a crotch opening.

Measurements: The black measures 78" in length and 39" in width. The clear measures 93" in length and 31" in width.

WARNING: Extreme caution should be taken when using the Vac-Bed. Do not leave anyone unattended in the Vac-Bed and never use this device for self-bondage.

Shipping Notice: Due to the size of this product we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.


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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 June, 2013 by nikos_ gay greek

this is perfect for public toilets where strangers can come in and figgle my pooper

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Reviewed: Tuesday 08 January, 2013 by Anonymous

Bought this for use in our sex room. It is very good and the feeling when you are inside is intense. Few bad points but overall I *would* recommend this item for hardcore players! Good points: - Does exactly what is says - very restrictive and excellent for hardcore latex play - Well made and very comfortable when inside - Has additional hole for penis/vagian/anus which is not actually in description (but very very useful!!) - Really great price Bad Points: - You have to keep the vacuum on which is distracting and not good at all for discreet or intimate play - The vacuum can really hurt your head/ears when you are inside - would suggest ear plugs - The hole for the groin can slip quite easily so need to ensure you are in just the right position - Hole is quite high up the sheet - I am 6'4 so had to hunch up in order to let my penis go through (although my wife was fine and was able to have the hole directly on her vagina)

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Reviewed: Saturday 31 March, 2012 by Charles Monroe

The experience of a Vac Bed is amazing and that is for a lack of better words. To be completely sealed into latex is not only orgasmic but therapeutic at the same time, my slave and I would both feel so disconnected from the world and there was an almost flying feeling of euphoria present. With all of that said there are a couple serious cons with this particular bed, listed below: 1) The vacuum must remain on in order for the seal to be kept, this hindered communication, discretion of play, and is frankly annoying after 10 minutes. 2) There is a gasket for the mouth as stated in the description but there is also one for the penis that was not in the description, however, it did come with a cover. When I went in I had a hard time laying comfortably with my mouth and penis to the respective gaskets and I am only 5'9. Tips&Warnings: To get the best seal with this bed either have your penis stick out or lay at an angle so your thigh can hold the cover in place. The constant suction can cause pain to your ears, this could be due in part to the vacuum remaining on and the suction fluctuating, you may want to consider protective gear for your ears or shorter periods inside of the bed.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 27 December, 2011 by ballslut smith

loved no air when my lover sucked out the van bad with a kong dong up my ass.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 10 July, 2007 by john goodman

this is a wonderful item. my partner left me in it while she went to sleep. man i fell asleep easy but i was cold at night and i was very happy and satisfyied.

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