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Enhance and expand your sexual experiences. We carry a wide variety of high-quality butt plugs so you can find the size, shape and material that you enjoy the most. For more information read our guide or watch our video and learn which anal toys will be best for you and your partner.

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Butt Plugs

Butt Plug Basics: What Is a Butt Plug and Avaliable Options

Butt plugs are toys that are designed to be safely inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure. Different from a dildo, these plugs are often tapered for easier insertion and have a wide, flared base.

There are different kinds of butt plugs meant for a variety of sensations and experiences.

  • Training Butt Plugs: Use these as a beginner to get used to the feeling. Use a set with different sizes to train your hole to take more with each new size!
  • Huge Butt Plugs: For those who want to experience extreme stretching both in length and girth. Some people never get the whole plug inside, but the psychological challenge is arousing enough on its own!
  • Vibrating Butt Plugs: Add extra stimulation to your K-spot or P-spot with a plug that vibrates or even moves!
  • Jewel Butt Plugs: Show off your cute hole with a decorative plug!
  • Inflatable Butt Plugs: These are great for training your capacity to take girth; get the plug inside and then expand it using the inflate feature.
  • Glass Butt Plugs: These are one of the most popular materials used for anal toys. Non-porous, compatible with any lube, firm, easy to clean, and super smooth going in. They are often very beautiful and unique as well!
  • Remote-Controlled Butt Plug: After getting the plug inserted, not everyone wants to reach down to change a vibration setting. Remotes let you change any feature hands-free. As a bonus, remotes can be used by your partner from a distance which makes for very sexy public scenes!

Stimulation & Erogenous Zones: What Are Butt Plugs Used For

There are pleasure packed erogenous zones in our rectum. For males, the anus is home to the P-spot (prostate) which, when stimulated, can cause intense orgasms. Butt plugs can help you train for anal sex, as well.

For those with female anatomy, as well, the rectum is filled with lots of sensitive tissue! When something is inserted into the anus, it presses against the P-spot in men and enhances arousal for women. It can be even more intense if both the vagina and the anus are penetrated simultaneously in double penetration! After getting used to wearing small plugs, some people also use plugs with attached tails to enjoy animal roleplay!

When used correctly, butt plugs are perfectly safe. The rectal tissue is very stretchy and accommodates larger sizes with the assistance of lube. Plugs can stay in as long as you like, though need to be removed in order to have a bowel movement. When starting out, leave them in for no longer than an hour at a time.

Beginners Guide: How to Use a Butt Plug

  1. 1) First, make sure that you get a butt plug that is safe to use. Your butt plug needs a wide, firm, flared base. Having a tapered tip will make insertion a little easier.
  2. 2) Use a compatible lube on the toy and your anus
  3. 3) Take your time and slowly insert. If you don't get it all the way in at first, come back and try again later.

For more details about how to use butt plugs and what materials are best, check out our Guide to Butt Plugs!

Anal Sex Toys for Men and Women

Prostate stimulating butt plugs are specifically for those with male anatomy. They have a curved end that puts pressure on the P-spot. Some even vibrate or move, as well! Aside from standard butt plugs, there are also dildos that can be used anally. Like plugs, they need to have a wide, flared base in order to not be sucked into the colon.

Another way to use dildos is by inserting one into a woman's vagina while the butt plug is in the rectum to enjoy DP! There are also anal beads that help train the rectum to take gradually larger sizes. These can be enjoyed by both men and women alike. For those who enjoy very deep penetration, there are anal hoses that can get as long as 36 inches!

Finally, there are also thrusting dildos that are perfect for training your ass to take anal sex before you do it with a partner!

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