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Suction Cup Dildo


Rating: (10 reviews)
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Suction cup dildos are extra fun. Simply mount them to the floor, the wall or bed post. Practically any flat surface will work. Most people use it on the floor and squat over it. Can also be used like a regular dildo.

Measurements: 8.75 inches in total length, 8 inches insertable, 1.66 inches in diameter at widest point

Material: PVC

Color: Brown.


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Reviewed: Tuesday 08 December, 2015 by Anonymous

Great toy and great length. Has a little chemical smell but other than that, the suction works well especially in showers! Easy to clean.

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 April, 2014 by Anonymous

Sticks quite well to most smooth surfaces, just have to grip it well and push it on there so it sticks. Girlfriend loves how deeply it goes in her. Played for hours with it. She;s still weak in the legs the next day.

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Reviewed: Sunday 22 December, 2013 by MsGa Atl

Wow- my bf brought this for me. perfect size and a great way to get ready for backdoor play.

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Reviewed: Monday 11 February, 2013 by Anonymous

Perfect size. Perfect bendability. Fits deep, but not too deep. I know its a "suction" cup dildo, but that feature is useless. It won't stick to much, nor will it stay in the "proper" position... LOL... but I still love it, just for the fact that its just the right size and length. :-) ~b

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Reviewed: Friday 11 May, 2012 by fun lover

This is a perfect size for me. We had first gotten the clear pink with balls and it is way too big so we jus use that one in her pussy. We still wanted something to use on me so we got this one and its great, perfect for someone just starting to enjoy anal play like me, she had been using her finger in my ass when she blew me and I found that I really liked it so we got a plug and its fun but it was time to try something else. This one is not to big that it hurts but not to small that it doesnt satisfy. We had gotten a strapon witha small dildo and it was great for a while but then even it wasn't doing the job so I got this one thinking it would fit our harness but it slips out. They have the same one with balls that will work perfectly.though after reading some reviews I have found its great alone in the bathroom, stick it to the floor and ride or in the shower. I think she has turned me into a butt slut in 6 months time. Before her I was never comfortable enough to do anything like this and I guess I never really wanted to, but now witha few drinks in us she is pounding my ass and im loving it! Thanks XR

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