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Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade


Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade
$90.00 $67.50
Rating: (6 reviews)

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Give your chastity device that metallic look, with this stainless steel upgrade

You can still enjoy the comfortable feel of your current chastity device, and this upgrade will give it that stainless steel look. This is designed to work with the CB6000, CB3000, and Curve chastity devices. It slips easily on and provide numerous vents and an extra wide end hole. You can also use it with standard 3-pin chastity cages, by removing the existing cage and using the upgrade instead.

Stainless Steel Metal Chastity Upgrade Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 3 inches in length, internal diameter 1.3 inches, 1.7 inches in diameter at head
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Grey
  • Compatibility: Works with 3-pin CB-X chastity devices, sold separately
  • Allows you to give your chastity device that stainless steel look
  • Features numerous vents and an extra wide end hole

    Note: CB6000, CB3000, and The Curve are trademarks of A.L. Enterprises, Inc. This product is distributed by XR, LLC and is not manufactured by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with A.L. Enterprises, Inc.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 02 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    This is a great upgrade to your CB-6000/s!! No splitting and more vents, my Mistress/wife loves the look so much more than the plastic, she now makes me wear just the cage around the house most evenings just so see can get excited looking at her locked slave! She also locks me all the time now, I may regret showing her this type of play as I have lost control of her cock!

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    Reviewed: Monday 11 April, 2016 by Anonymous

    Amazing upgrade for the CB-6000! It's a bit tighter than the original CB-6000, this means a better fit when flaccid and less room for erections. The extra weight of the gives it a nice feeling to. Due to the extra ventilation holes it's more easy to keep clean and not really necessary to unlock it for cleaning. My BF is also very happy with it, now he's finally able to keep me locked for several weeks without worrying about comfort and hygiene!

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    Reviewed: Sunday 19 April, 2015 by Duffin Captous

    So, I've worn most of the non-metal cages you can think of, the CB2000 and 6000s, the Holy Trainer, the BON4. I've wanted a metal cage for awhile, but they're obviously really expensive. So, when I saw this, I thought I'd give it a shot since I do enjoy the 6000s and this is essentially a slightly longer metal version of that cage. The issues the 6000s has are completely gone in this version. The metal is easier to keep clean, there are way more air holes for drying after washing, and it doesn't have the risk of splitting like the CB cages do (I've had it happen twice now). Also, so far, it appears to actually be stainless steel and not that steel coating that the cheaper metal cages have that can leave your skin turning green after awhile, but time will tell as I've only had it for about a week. There is one issue which is kind of annoying, but it to be expected from such a cheap make. The inside of the cage isn't polished at all and there are a couple places that aren't completely sanded down, so are a little sharp. I plan on getting a dremel tool so I can fix that, but it's something to keep in mind. Other than that, it's very comfortable and much easier to get into since metal isn't as "sticky" as the plastic from the 6000s is. I can pretty easily get in without needing lube or to be in the shower, which I couldn't do with the 6000s. The weight is nice, but I do feel as if the ring I use is now too big to keep everything from being pulled down. It's annoying because the next ring down is too small, but it's not a huge deal. Overall, it's pretty good, I'd recommend it if you've already got the parts from the CB set which fits it. It fits horseshoe ring style.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 08 February, 2015 by MELANIE LOCK

    I love having my man's big cock locked in this chastity device. I love the design and control I have over him while he is locked in this. He has no way out without the key which I have. He is only allowed to cum about every 4-6 weeks while his hands are cuffed and feet shackled to my bolted bed frame or chained to a chair or other secured furniture. Meanwhile I am pleased by him every day by his tongue, hands and strap on dildo. Sometimes I chain him up, get him hard for a while then ice his dick down to get it back in the cage. He never knows when he will get an organism. I also get action at work from my co worker girlfriend and sometimes an old boyfriend of mine. I love the control I have over my man now. Before he wanted everything for him and didn't listen to me. I also rotate his cages. He gets locked in the bird cage, cb3000 and the capatus cage. Great device for all women in a relationship to control their man while I can do what I want and he doesn't have to know.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 21 December, 2014 by Tiffany Love

    This is what i have been looking for. I have tried several devices, and the cb 6000 has kind of been a go to, it fits me the best, but it has it's issues. Now there is a cage that you never have to worry about splitting and pinching. You feel more weight, so you know you are locked in metal, it is well designed, shaped, and worked. I was worried that there might be some edges, but after wearing it for a few nights, no problems, it is perfect, it is sized almost exactly like the cb6000s, so keep that in mind, if you look at the measurements on it here and compare them to the cb series measurements you would think that it is between the 6000, and 6000s, but it is more like the s. Now i have one request for xr, make a ring upgrade kit with the same style cb ring but metal, that would be great. One piece rings can be tough to work with, and hinged rings have always give me problems, so a system like this in metal would be perfect. If the cb series works and fits for you, you will love this upgraded cage, it is well worth it.

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