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Blossom Silicone Breathable Rose Gag

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Blossom Silicone Breathable Rose Gag

SKU: AH071

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A Mouth Full of Roses

Key Features

  • Red Rose Blossom: Give your lover a rose they can wear in their mouth! With this bright red, blossoming rose adornment you can muffle their moans and beautify their face at the same time!
  • Breathable Gag: There is a small hole that goes through the center of the ball-gag and blossom so that your submissive can breathe a little easier while wearing it.
  • Premium Silicone: Made of phthalate-free, premium, body-safe silicone that is also plush and silky smooth so they can enjoy biting down on it and wearing it on their mouth for long sessions!
  • Adjustable Straps: The straps are made of PU leather (faux leather) and closed with metal buckles. Adjust the straps for comfort.
  • Give your lover a rose that will never fade or wilt and enjoy adding a unique gag to your collection! Muffle their moans and give them something to bite down on with this Blossom Silicone Rose Gag! Made out of plush, premium silicone, it feels silky smooth and comfortable in their mouth while also being phthalate-free and body-safe! The folded petals of this rose make it look like a rose is blooming from their lips as they moan in pleasure during a scene. Adjust the straps for a comfortable and secure fit to keep it place. The straps are made of PU (faux) leather and are vegan friendly. Secure them in place with the nickel-free, metal buckles. To make breathing a little easier, there is also a small hole that goes through from the front of the blossom to the back of the ball gag so they get a little more air. After each use rinse it off with warm water and wash with mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and pat dry. Store in a cool, dark place separate from other silicone toys.

    Communication is key when playing kinky, but sometimes taking away the ability to speak opens up the possibility to feel into the body and relax. Without words to take the space between you both, touching, reaching each other's bodies, making eye contact and a heightened sense of awareness enhance your sensual evening together! With a gag in their mouth, their moans can be more powerful because they are muffled. They can feel the openness of their mouth and throat as the gag holds their jaw open. Drool and spit slips out the sides as their mouth gets wetter and wetter and you can enjoy using that spit on your cock or pussy once you take the gag out! You can play a little more at ease with the breathable hole through the center of the blossom gag; even if their nose gets clogged, they can breathe a little from their mouth! Enjoy placing it in their mouth and securing it comfortably behind their head, then get into all kinds of kinky play together!

    Blossom Gag Silicone Rose Gag Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 24.25 inches. Adjusts from 15 inches to 21 inches in circumference. Ball gag diameter: 1.7 inches.

    Materials: Silicone, PU leather, metal

    Color: Red

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