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Locking Wrists to Penis Restraint


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$140.00 $109.00
Rating: (3 reviews)

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Warning.. this device can cause huge erections! Lock him up with our devious wrist to cock locking restraint. The combination of his hand so close to his cock but without the ability to fully stroke his member can create serious hard ons. Every time he moves he will struggle against his restraints pushing and pulling on his cock and balls. The more you stimulate and tease him the more he will pull.

There are so many scenarios possible with this kit: You can add on the ball crusher or ball weights shown below. Tie his arms around the back and then use rope to secure it to his balls or add a crop and make him move.

Locking Wrists to Penis Restraint Specs and Benefits

  • 16oz Ball Weight
    • Outside Diameter - 2 3/8"
    • Inside Diameter - 1 3/8"
    • Thickness - 1"
  • 2 Padlocks
    • Keyed Alike
  • Pair of Deluxe Wrist Cuffs
    • 9" in length
    • 2" wide
  • Purchased separately these items would total $140. You save $31 by purchasing them together in this set
  • Material: Cuffs (Leather); Ball Weight (Metal)
  • Keeps your partner from being able to stroke his own cock
  • The more he wrestles with the restraints the more the ball weight adds pressure to his testicles
  • Use the included allen wrench to attach the weight around the balls
  • The wrist cuffs, padlock and weight can all be used independently for different sensations during play
  • For more interesting play, try adding ball weights to this device -- see related items below
Note: Chain Not Included.

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Reviewed: Monday 16 May, 2011 by Slave 18

As soon as she saw this, Mistress made me get the spiked parachute. When it arrived, she had me put it on immediately. The spikes created a delightful pain in my balls, but that was not the least of it. Mistress bound my arms behind my back, stuffed a pump-up gag in my mouth pumping it full in the process, and fastened a spreader bar between my feet. When Mistress saw that I had only closed the parachute on the first set of snaps, she slapped my face. She refastened the parachute on the second, tighter set. I moaned as the spikes dug deeper in my increasingly sensitive balls. She then hung a 5 pound weight from the spiked parachute, letting it swing and further squeezing and jabbing my now aching balls. Mistress then had me walk around our house. With my legs spread, I waddled rather than walked which made the weight swing and increasing the torment as the spikes worked their devilish magic on my sore balls. Turning was the worst as this made the weight really swing back and forth. After about a half hour of this, Mistress could see I was primed for her. She knew I would agree to whatever she “suggested”. In this case, she knew I would meekly agree to drink her piss which I willingly did as I knew this was the price for my relief. Mistress has found other ways to torment me. Along with tying me into a head to feet hogtie, she will put my cock in a steel ring and leather cock harness which is then pulled up against my stomach with a cord. Next, Mistress snaps on the spiked parachute using the tighter second set of snaps, of course. She attached the chute to a chain from a plastic crate with some weights inside. Rolling me on my stomach, she tells me to move. She wants me to wiggle around the room hogtied as I am dragging the crate with weights behind me. This, of course, tugs on my now aching balls. But, there is a method to Mistress’ madness. She knows this kind of torment also excites me. Mistress is waiting for that inevitable moment when, instead of continuing squirm my hips start to bounce up and down against the floor. At this moment, she may strike my ass with a paddle, riding crop, cane or other implement while warning against unauthorized orgasms. I end up quite sore after Mistress is done with tormenting me this way. Finally, Mistress likes to “lock” me down at night. She will lock leather mittens on my hands and, after snapping the spiked parachute around my balls, she attaches it to one of the legs at the foot of her bed. Because of the mittens on my hands, I cannot unfasten the parachute so, I am effectively stuck until she releases me. If Mistress is disappointed with me, she will have used the tighter second set of snaps on the parachute, a short chain or both and thus, makes me lay there suffering and daring not move lest I hurt myself even more. The spiked parachute has been one of the more effective ways for Mistress to keep me in line.

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Reviewed: Friday 03 September, 2010 by longdong kingsilver

great! my wife placed me in this restraint and forced me to take Viagra my raging hard-on with my nine inch cock and my nuts in restraint is too much to bear then my wife brought in her great looking coworkers and showed me off to them. both female and male i had to watch while my wife sucked and fucked right in front of me and i could not cum finally wife's best friend felt sorry for me and helped me release my cum by sucking me off then making me drink my own cum out off her mouth. wow when can we do this again!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reviewed: Thursday 03 June, 2010 by Anonymous

I got this 4 my husband 2 show him who's in charge. I locked him in when he was sleeping, then blindfolded him before waking him. At first he tried 2 fight it as he paniced but when i then spoke he relaxed a little. But not 4 long as it was then time 4 the real fun out came the door cuffs and lead he was my time 2 teach him. I cuffed him 2 the door and made him watch me strip while teasing him with low setting on bullet vibe he was begging me 2 let him have me so i let him but only with his mouth after cuffing his ankles 2 the bed. This is a great kit and makes him really respect me. It is also great 2 watch him be so helpless love it

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