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Understanding Chastity Play

Chastity has been referenced in stories and legends for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest chastity devices were used to protect women from rape. The earliest recorded male chastity devices were created by the Victorians to prevent masturbation. They believed that self gratification caused insanity. There are several groups today who ascribe to this way of thinking, but this article will not be addressing this philosophy.

There are many reasons that people of today choose to practice chastity. A quite common motivation can be found within the bdsm community. Many slaves achieve personal satisfaction and growth by taking focus away from themselves and serving another or several other people. The diminishing of one’s self can be strongly expressed through denial of orgasm. The sex drive is quite strong and orgasm may be used by a dominant to reward or punish deeds performed by a submissive.

The practice of chastity adds to the intensity of a relationship for those who wish to enter into such an arrangement with a partner. Being in control of another’s sexual being is an intense feeling and is usually quite exhilarating. Being controlled sexually by another makes the submissive more aware of the control they have released to their dominant. A chastity device and its key are as much symbols of the power exchange in this type of relationship as it is an actual preventative measure to sexual gratification. The physical and psychological effects of chastity practices add a dimension to a relationship in which sexual control is part of the total power exchange.

The parameters of individual chastity should be discussed openly and candidly between the partners involved before they enter into enforced chastity activities. Safety measures (such as making a key available to the submissive in the event that something goes wrong with the key holder) should be discussed as well as the expectations and personal limits of both parties. If both people are clear about what they want to achieve from experiencing chastity, they may then want to shop for an appropriate device to ensure control and obedience to the chastity agreement.

Chastity should be introduced as a temporary practice at first, to allow the key holder and the submissive to explore and communicate limits and expectations while actually experiencing it and taking it out of the hypothetical fantasy realm. For first time wearers many of the affordable leather and steel cock ring and cage devices are ideal. The Gates of Hell Chastity Device is impressive in appearance and has padlocks to ensure adherence to remaining chaste. Early experimentation may require heavy supervision by the key holder. This will insure obedience and also allow for more communication about chastity and its use and effects in the relationship. Communication also lets you know when and if you wish to practice chastity for longer periods of time.

Some more intense but still short term chastity devices require the key holder to release the submissive to use the bathroom and perform cleaning. Locking Chastity Belts and The Penis Prison would be examples of these sorts of devices. When it is possible to be near your partner these types of chastity devices can be quite stimulating as the submissive must ask for release and return to be locked up again several times per day. It is not advisable to leave a submissive locked in this type chastity device without supervision because of health and hygiene considerations.

Long term chastity is a very popular practice and once the people involved agree upon the required commitment and communication regarding chastity; it can be a very fulfilling element of the relationship. Long term chastity requires that the submissive is able to attend to daily bodily functions and cleanliness. There are many devices available for this practice. To engage in long term chastity, the chastity device must fit properly. There are several different sizes available. The wildly popular CB 3000 is the answer to many requests for a chastity device that is between the Curve and CB 2000. Those who want more advanced than the CB 3000, have found the CB6000 ideal for their needs.

Long term chastity requires training for the person who is wearing the device. It will be a much more rewarding experience if it is entered into thoughtfully with good information and healthy practices. Using a small amount of lubricant to allow smooth movement of the penis inside the device will allow for comfort and the ability to increase the amount of time they are able to wear it more quickly. Be sure that circulation to the penis is adequate. There should not be tingling or numbness or blue coloration. The penis and scrotum should not become cold. Ignoring these factors can result in permanent damage.

Chastity can be for an erotic thrill or it can be a lifestyle decision. No matter what level you decide is right for you and your partner, good communication and safety practices will enhance the experience and make your relationship more enjoyable as you make your fantasies become realities.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur