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The Story on Sex Furniture

Liberator FurnitureSex furniture is a fun way to add a whole new set of scenarios and positions to your love life. Sex furniture is a good investment and you are more likely to use it for its intended purpose than the stationary bike or elliptical machine you bought last year. We don’t know of anyone using sex furniture as a place to air dry their fine washables. There are many different types of sex furniture to be used for many different sexual situations.

One of the most portable and popular items of sex furniture is the Love Swing. This swing will help you and your lover defy gravity and enjoy sex in ways you were previously unable to achieve. The love swing has straps to fully support and suspend your partner comfortably. There are now freestanding frames to attach your sex swing to. This is one option, or you may wish to use the standard hardware and attach the Love Swing to a sturdy beam in your ceiling.

The Liberator Ramp and Wedge Kit allows you to maintain pleasurable positions longer without the fatigue that often comes with elevating your lower or upper body and having to support your body weight with your arms or legs. The Liberator does the supporting for you so that you can either relax or put your arms and legs to better use. This comfy piece of sex furniture comes in several colors and also offers models with added features and accessories.

Another fun and functional piece of Liberator sex furniture is The Liberator Wedge. Perhaps one of things you might do with those now unencumbered limbs is to restrain them? You can assume a variety of positions with this bondage wedge and restrain your partner with soft cuffs which can be attached to several different places on the wedge. The Bondage Wedge is versatile piece of sex furniture for those who enjoy light bondage.

Spanking Benches are also multi purpose and a very sexy in their appeal. This type of sex furniture allows you to bend your partner over at the waist and leave their backside completely vulnerable to you for spanking or insertions. Spanking benches are equipped with several eyebolts to allow you to restrain your partner. Also washable, this is another delightful option in the bondage sex furniture class.

There are many other pieces of dungeon sex furniture to choose from such as stocks, bondage chairs, and cages. From the sublime to the extreme there is a piece of sex furniture everyone would like to have.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur