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Sex Toys For Men

Sex toys for men are designed to make masturbation more erotic or to enhance a sexual experience with a partner. Penis sleeves, penis pumps and cock rings are all toys designed specifically for men. Vibrators, butt plugs and bondage toys can be enjoyed by everyone, including men.

Vibrators are traditionally thought of as being for women. Men have skin and erogenous zones so they can and do enjoy vibrators and there are several that are made specifically for the penis. The Vibrating Oro Stimulator is a penis sleeve which gives a great buzzing massage and you can control the level of vibration with the remote control pad. There are several other vibrators made specifically for men as well. Both sexes enjoy vibrating eggs or bullets and these smaller vibrators feel great on many areas of the body like nipples, perineum and scrotum. A lover can place one of these against their cheek while giving you oral sex and really enhance a blow job. Vibrators are a versatile toy and are not just for “the girls”.

Enjoying masturbation is something everyone should do even if you have a partner. Sexy people take responsibility for their own satisfaction and there is no end to male sex toys created for this purpose. A versatile male sex toy is the Suction Masturbation Sleeve. This toy can be used alone to make for a more intense orgasm, or with a partner to create a whole new sensation regarding intercourse. Be sure to use a good lube when using a masturbation sleeve.

Penis pumps are purchased for a variety of reasons. They have been used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and they can increase the length and width of your erection. Another important feature is that using them feels good. A basic penis pump is made up of a plastic cylinder and a bulb. There are other models that come with hand pumps and pressure gauges. Do not use a pump more than a couple of times a week for longer than 20 minutes at a time as this may damage blood vessels. Stop pumping if you feel pain and do not try to pump yourself to a size significantly larger than you are when you have not used a penis pump.

Cock Rings are worn to restrict blood from flowing out of an erection. This will prolong a hard on and make it firmer. Cock rings are sometimes worn as a submissive act, or to maintain a semi hard cock to enhance a pair of tight jeans. Cock rings come in variable styles decorative, stretchy, or with a bondage theme. Some cock rings come with attached vibrators to give stimulation to the clitoris or anus of your partner. A cock ring should not cause your genitals to feel numb or cold. If this happens remove it immediately. Men should not wear a cock ring for longer than twenty minutes, but if you wish to wear one for a longer period or out in public test your limits at home.

Butt plugs used properly feel wonderful. Men have a prostate gland which can create mind bending orgasms when stimulated. The key to enjoying a butt plug is lots of lube and taking your time. The Aneros Male G Spot Stimulator was made just for men and designed to focus directly on the prostate gland. This anal toy may be a good starting off point for someone who is feeling unsure about the benefits of putting anything in “back there”. Butt plugs are not for everyone but there are a variety of sizes and shapes available to try if you are considering letting go of an inhibition or expanding your butt plug collection. There are vibrating butt plugs, some that inflate to sizes that make your eyes bulge before they are inserted, anal jewelry, pyrex, anal beads, and the computer programmed multi function iPlug. There is something for everyone.

As you can see, there are many sex toys for men. So many, that we only covered the basics here. There are always new toys being added to the market, so keep your eyes open when shopping. Read the product reviews, and treat yourself to something that was made just for someone like you.

This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoisseur