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Male Masturbation Toys

Male Masturbation Toys and Tips At Extreme Restraints:

Men have alot of good choices in terms of devices made for masturbation. The male masturbation toys and male sex toys include cock rings, penis pumps and cyber-pussies (for example: the Fleshlight)

Male masturbation toys At Extreme Restraints:

  1. Cock Rings are a band that fits snug around the base of the penis or around both the cock & balls. The cock ring gives you a stronger, longer and harder erection which feels great to jack off with. Cock rings intensify both masturbation and sex with a partner or male sex toy.
  2. Male Masturbation Toys are replicas of a real pussy, asshole or mouth that you can slide your dick into and come like you were fucking the real thing.
  3. Penis Pumps are plastic cylinders that form a vacuum seal over your penis. The pumping action gives you a much fuller, bigger erection and makes the dick look huge! The nice thing about this is that after the cylinder is removed your cock is still larger than life and you can masturbate with wild new sensations!

Anal plugs and vibrators are also very good male masturbation toys that men can also enjoy.