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Guide to Corsets

Corsets have come a long way since their beginnings as just a commonplace undergarment. The one distinctive thing about the corset through history is that it has always been a vanity item. Women and men have used corsets to appear thinner, bustier, curvier and to some degree even taller. The corset may be considered the sexiest lingerie item in the history of underthings.

Today’s corset is no longer considered just to be underwear; it is often worn as outerwear. Corsets enjoy on again and off again popularity as a fashionable clothing item and if not worn as a top in part of a complete outfit, often elements of the corset such as lacing or boning are incorporated into items of clothing such as shirts and dresses.

The corset is also a perennial favorite as an item of sexy lingerie. It is often the crown jewel in an ensemble of sky high heels, strappy garters, thigh high stockings and panties that match the material of the corset. Lingerie type corsets are usually not as heavy and durable as corsets used in the fetish community for bondage and body modification. No matter how lacy and delicate some corsets are in appearance though, there is something brazen about them that tend to excite the wearer and their partner.

There is a minority interest of people who use corsets to actually modify their bodies and make their waists smaller. Tightlacing and waist training have been around since the 1840s when people began to become concerned about the health ramifications of tightlacing a corset. People believed that corsets caused tuberculosis due to the fact that the shallow breathing would cause a mucosal buildup in the lower lobe of the lung. The liver could also become malformed and the constant pressure to the stomach caused problems with indigestion and heartburn.

In the bdsm community, corsets may be used as a form of bondage, punishment, or for aesthetic purposes. A bondage corset is very long and is often used to discipline the submissive. These corsets can be laced up very tightly and since they usually go to just above the knee they can really restrict movement. Corsets made from PVC or leather are also popular dungeon wear as they are sexy and add to the sensation of a bondage scene with the texture of their material and the constriction they place on the body. A dominant may wear a corset because it is dramatic and flatters the body to show off breasts and hips. Besides which, a corset looks smashing with a pair of stiletto hip boots.

There is a community of fetishists who simply love corsets, no bdsm, no body modification; they are simply in love with corsets and seeing their partner corseted and either modeling it or performing day to day living while wearing it.

Corsets are timeless and attractive with a rich history and a range of reasons why they are added to a persons’ wardrobe. There is a corset for anyone who wishes to wear one, for whatever the purpose they wish. You can get a very plain one to smooth and flatter your silhouette, or you may want to get a spangled and embellished corset to wear to the next festive occasion. If you do not own a corset you should get one for yourself and own a little piece of lingerie history.
This guide was written by Justine Case, Sex Toy Connoseur