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Female Masturbation Tips and Techniques

Female Masturbation Tips

Masturbation for women is a lot different than for men. The beauty of the female genitalia allow for a rich and liberating experience.

Learn about your body's sexual responses through masturbation and become more sexually confident and a better lover. A healthy connection with your sexuality through masturbation creates a more healthy state of mind and body. Try some of eXtreme Restraint's favorite female masturbation tips:

  • Start with your hands and feel yourself. Explore all parts of your sexual anatomy in any way that feels good. Roll your clitoris under your fingers and vary the rhythm and pressure.
  • Use a Vibrating Sex Toy. If you have a favorite masturbation technique or just can't quite climax, try using a clitoral vibrator for a change. You may just suprise yourself at how quickly you will come and how intense the orgasms are.
  • Experiment with a G-spot vibrator or an anal sex toy. You'll quickly find out why many women get great pleasure from exploring the uncharted territories of their bodies.
  • Feel free to move and make noises during sex and masturbation. A fully encompassing orgasm is a total release and you are allowed to lose control. Have fun and let it all go!

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