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Female G-Spot Orgasm Toys

Finding your G-spot: Intense G spot Orgasms for Women

Women are owners of the original G-spot. It's an area of spongy tissue located a couple of inches inside the vagina, on the front wall facing towards the belly. The beauty of a woman's G spot is in it's orgasm potential. Many women find that when they are turned on, the G spot responds orgasmically when stimulated. Playing with your G-spot can bring about multiple orgasms and female ejaculate (a clear liquid discharge from G-spot orgasms). G-spot orgasms are described as powerful, full orgasms with a lasting pleasant feeling.

The best ways to hit the female g-spot are through sexual positions or with a g-spot vibrator. The penetration from behind, doggy-style, is a popular sex position that hits the G-spot when her upper body is slightly elevated. The use of a sex wedge like The Liberator is very effective in getting the right angle.

Using a specially designed G-spot vibrator works wonders on the female g-spot. These vibrators have a curved tip to angle in the vagina and rub against the G spot. Curved dildos work good in a strap-on harness for G stimulation. See our Selection of G-spot Vibrators.