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Fellatio Technique Tips Advice and Accessories

Fellatio - Going Down on a Man: Tips and Techniques by Extreme Restraints

Fellatio, the art of the blow job, is key for having good sex with a man. Learning how to go down and pleasure your partner with good fellatio is both fun and rewarding. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Get comfortable: find a good sitting, kneeling or lying position that gives you good access to his cock and allows your neck muscles to be comfortable.
  2. Try using a Flavored Blow-Job Gel. This helps mask the latex taste if you are using a condom during fellatio for safe sex.
  3. Start off soft. Begin with a kiss, let your lips gently explore the head of his penis, lick the underside of his shaft and suck on his balls. Enjoy exploring the different textures of his precious manhood.
  4. Keep your lips over your teeth for a smoother ride and give generous amounts of spit to lube the way.
  5. Get your hand(s) into it. As your man gets more aroused circle your fingers around the base of his cock and jack him off while you are sucking. You can give your jaw muscles a break every now and then by giving his dick lots of saliva and giving him a hand job for a while.
  6. You can also use two hands while going down: one hand for stroking in tandem with your mouth and one hand caressing the balls or inserting a finger into his anus (tickle his prostate while you're in there).
  7. Some men enjoy their balls being sucked while being jacked off and it also feels good to lick his anus or perinium (the area between the anus and his balls).
  8. Relax your throat muscles if you want to deep throat your man.
  9. Add some toys:
    • Try a good Anal Toy with your fellatio. A Bullet Vibe, Butt Plug or Anal Beads are sure to rock his world!
    • Put on a Cock Ring for a sensational erection that he will never forget!
    • Adding a Vibrator to touch his testicles will blast him off like a rocket ship!
  10. Knowledge is Pleasure. Read a good book on fellatio techniques or watch a video for more orgasmic tips.

With a little communication, practice and experimentation your blow jobs will leave a lasting impression in your man's mind and have him begging for more.