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Condoms by Extreme Restraints

A condom is one of your best defenses in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are also typically used for effective contraception.

Condom Tips

To use a condom effectively, simply place it on the tip of the penis, pinch the reservoir tip to remove any air and roll it down the erect penis. A drop of lubrication placed on the tip of the penis before putting the condom on helps for comfort ability. After intercourse, you want to hold onto the base of the condom to avoid spillage when the penis is removed from the hole it was just in.

Condom Uses

Condoms have many uses with sex toys. They are great to slide over vibrator or dildos to make clean up easier or to prevent spreading bodily fluids when you are sharing a sex toy. You can also put vibrating eggs into condoms and insert them into the anus. This allows you to easily remove the anal sex toy and makes it easier to clean up. However, you should put a plastic ball (wiffle ball) to keep the condom from being lost in the anus.

Condom Cautions

When using lubrication with a condom, you can use any type of lubrication EXCEPT oil based lubes including petroleum. The oil in the lube breaks down the latex in condoms and can cause it to break while you are using it. Water based and silicone lubricants are condom friendly.

Types of Condoms

Condoms come in many different styles and sizes. Some of the most popular kinds are the Ultra-Lubricated Condom, Non-Lubricated Condom, Flavored Condoms, Magnum-Sized Condom and Bareback Super Sensitive Condom. Feel free to browse our Selection of Condoms.