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Anal Itch Relief Joke Gift

SKU: AH210

Anal Itch Relief Joke Gift

SKU: AH210

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Ultimate Prank for Itchy Asses!

Key Features

  • Fun Prank Gift: Have a laugh with your friends with a simple and harmless gag gift!
  • Synthetic Fibers: Don't worry about allergies; this feather is made out of synthetic fibers to prevent chronic anal irritation.
  • Have you ever caught your friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor scratching their butt? You've seen it. Everyone around has seen it, but they seem completely oblivious that they're down there digging for gold right in front of everyone.

    Don't worry! We've got a solution for you! Get them urgent help by sending them our Anal Itch Relief! After the initial embarrassment, they'll thank you for it!

    How to send help to your friend in need!
  • Select your itchiest friend!
  • Place the Anal Itch Relief in your cart
  • To mail directly to your friend order this product separately from any other items
  • Multiple recipients, with different addresses, will require their own separate transaction(s)
  • Use the recipient's address under the shipping address
  • Use your address under the billing address
  • It makes a great gag gift on a birthday or for a bachelor party! Great for friends, family, and frenemies! This synthetic red feather comes in a bubble mailer package with the feather and instructions enclosed and large writing on the front of the package that will have the mailman laughing, too!

    Give them a laugh and let them know someone has noticed by sending this mailer their way! It makes the perfect revenge for anyone who's been on the receiving end of a prank, too! Get back at your friends and do something memorable!

    Joke Gift Anal Itch Relief Specs:

  • Bubble mailer: 9.25 inches Length x 7.1 inches Wide x 0.1 inches Deep
  • Feather length varies from 4.7 inches to 6.7 inches

    Materials: Synthetic fibers

    Color: Red

    Note: Sold as novelty only.
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