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Strict Leather Punishment Strap


Rating: (12 reviews)

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Corporal Punishment! The Punishment Strap

For an intense punishment, this strap will deliver stinging blows that will keep them on their toes. The heavy duty rubber loop style strap is thick and heavy. With just a little momentum you'll leave your impression behind. The handle is made of strong forged leather making this an excellent value!

Specifications: The strap measures 17.75 inches long and the handle is 8 inches in length. The width of the strap is 2.5 inches.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 24 June, 2014 by Anonymous

We really enjoyed this toy at first, but after just a few sessions the rubber broke right in the middle of the loop. Unfortunately, this happened shortly after the first 30 days. We can still use it sometimes, but the unfinished rubber edges can draw blood pretty easily. I definitely thought that it would be made a bit more sturdy.

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Reviewed: Sunday 02 February, 2014 by Anonymous

When we first got it, I noticed that the glue near the handle was coming apart. I thought it would be okay, but after less than five scenes the leather at the loop has split. Very disappointing, considering we just got it for Christmas. We really enjoyed it before it broke, especially the sound it creates during scenes.

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Reviewed: Monday 05 August, 2013 by Anonymous

Barely used this...maybe t2-3 times and it is already cracking and splitting at the bend in the leather. Very poor quality. If it needs to be oiled or something, there were no directions telling that. It was very effective but now is essentially unusable.[ Editor's Note: It should not do that. If it's within 30 days of its arrival you can contact customer service about a free replacement. ]

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Reviewed: Sunday 27 March, 2011 by Anonymous

This was a good toy while it lasted. We had it for 2 months and then noticed that it had cracked at the bend and can't use it anymore due to chance of real injury if it were to snap completely during play. Wish it had lasted longer and probably not going to replace it.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 October, 2010 by cs tr

The longer we were together the stricter & more dominant my gf now wife was with me. It started with me having to do as I was told and obey her which I was more than willing to do. A couple months before we were married she was very mad at me and told me I need more discipline. It was then she put me over her knee and gave me my first spanking. Since being married she gives me a little spanking every day before I leave for work. When I am bad she uses her thick red belt which hangs in plain view so I can see it. Recently she added this punishment strap and I have never felt my ass be so sore as when I get spanked and she used the strap for several good hard smacks. When used a lot I have to think about sitting down and am happy she makes me stand in the corner for awhile. I knew she was my boss before but know she totally owns me and I listen and obey now where we are or who is around because I know I will get the strap.

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