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The Fist


Rating: (27 reviews)

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The Fist Huge Insertable

For those into fisting this is it! An excellent replica of the human fist. Great for practicing fisting and for SM. Lesbians aren't the only ones who use this toy. Great for practicing anal fisting too! Made out of a soft but durable rubber.

The Fist Specs:
  • Total weight is over 3 lbs!
  • 14 inches long overall.
  • The fist is 3 1/2 inches in diameter at the widest point (across the knuckles).
  • The perfect follow up to The Hand (fisting toy).

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 03 February, 2015 by Some Gut

    It's big. It is so big I had to trim the hand back and smooth it again, and I am not new to anal intrusions. Texture is soft and it feels great inside, but it flops around so much you cannot really ride it. I fixed this by drilling a small hole and inserting a spline (threaded rod with a washer/nut at the end to keep it from poking through) about halfway up - nowhere near the end (which would be an issue if it poked through). Now I can stand this up and ride it like a porn star. Also, I suggest you cover this with condoms each time you use it. When she is feeling like a show but does not want to get dirty, my girl will watch me work this in. I cannot stand it there for long, but it's a fun ride. Every single time I have done this in front of her, she has slipped her hand in right after. Even though she tries to avoid it, she still gets her hand (and her twat) wet. Pros: feels good inside. Cons: Too large for me. Wish I had gone with the pointed hand instead. But fixable with some work.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 06 February, 2014 by billy Fister

    This is an excellent toy to fist the eye of my penis

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 28 January, 2014 by Munchma Kuuchi

    I bought two of these and use them as ammo for my crossbow slingshot. Ever punched a guy from 30 feet away? I have! Definitely recommend buying for anyone that likes to get in that first hit in a fight but is also too impatient to wait until they're next to their opponent. Also it's important that you do not lend your crossbow/fist setup to any of your gay friends as it WILL cause damage.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 24 February, 2013 by Anonymous

    Wow is all I can say. I got this as a companion to belladonna's hand. this thing is enormous. it is as big as my arm and hand and I am a 6'4" man. If you are taking this beast, you are a champ. Definately not for amateurs. leave this to the pros. lest you rip something. definately a steal. love the texture. for me this bad boy will take some working up to.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 08 January, 2013 by Anonymous

    Had this for a few months now and we LOVE it! Good points: - Unbelievable price - absolute bargain - Very wide and long - some poeple mark it down for this but I like the fact it offers me more than I can take right now - it is something to work towards! - Good guality material and very life like - Works fantastically well on all holes. I use it in my anus and my wife uses it both vaginally and anally Bad Points: - It is *very* flexible which can be annoying when masturbating. Although when I use it on my wife or she does it to me it is fine as it offers more control when two hands are used - The forearm is really quite wide - I like gaping so it worked for me but my wife finds it extremely uncomfortable to go that deep anally Overall I would highly recommend this. It works fantastically well for both men and women and is a superb price.

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