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Captive Chastity Cage


Captive Chastity Cage Captive Chastity Cage Captive Chastity Cage
$120.00 $99.95
Rating: (9 reviews)

Serious chastity bondage with the Captive Chastity Cage

When you place your partner into the Captive Chastity Cage you'll enjoy as they try to (but won't succeed in) obtaining a full, complete erection. The Captive Cage includes 4, different-sized, cock rings for a secure, comfortable fit. The ABS material is light making it easy to wear long term and also very durable.

Take chastity bondage to a new level with the optional urethral insert. Simply open the chastity device screw the insert on the top cage and apply. The urethral insert is hollow so he can still relive himself when needed. The insert provides stimulation and extra security. The Captive Chastity Cage can be used with or without the urethral insert.

Designed by chastity lovers for chastity lovers.

Captive Chastity Cage Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Cage): Measures approx. 4.25" total length, 1.5" in width and 5" in circumference.
  • Size (Urethral Insert): The urethral insert measures approx. 2.75" in length
  • Size (Cock Rings): The rings sizes are 1.5" internal diameter, 1.75" internal diameter, 1.85" internal diameter and 2" internal diameter.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Enjoy the restraint of a chastity cage with the penetration of the urethral insert
  • Chastity cage can be used with or without the insert
  • Keep your partner from obtaining a full, complete erection

    XR University: Featured Item

    For more information on this item, and the benefits of chastity play, visit XR University.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 25 May, 2013 by Scotty Reeves

    When I first tried to put it by myself. I found it extremely difficult to put it on. Then once I did get it on I found that the hinge on the bottom of the Cock Ring was causing a chafing on the bottom of the scrotum as well as causing discomfort. As for overall weight it was very pleasing.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 19 May, 2013 by Steve the

    Having tried many different types before when I saw this design i was excited until I tried it. Firstly I liked the idea of being tough plastic and therefore lightweight. I liked the idea of it being open being able to tease however that is about it. The screw through the ring is fidley hard to get on especially being a slotted screw. There is no way of being locked in. The c Screws to remove the cap to fit the urethal attachment are small fidley and impossible to get out easily. The scrotum ring requires rubber tubing at the hinge point otherwise it pinches and cuts the skin. I am busy trying to modify it so I can actually get it to do what it's supposed to do. At least it was airport metalvdetector friendly.

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    Reviewed: Friday 10 May, 2013 by mike koose

    I have had this cage for about a month and over all i like it but felt compelled to write a review after reading the other reviews, so here is my opinion. I am apparently smaller then average size as i found the largest ring extremely comfortable and i am able to wear all of the smaller rings but not 24/7. So the smaller rings are used to remind me my place when i forget. The screw is not the best idea, especially being a flat head, it should at least be a Phillips screw. The biggest flaw is the fact that you can not truly lock the device. If you replace the screw with a lock you can easily get out. The rings should extend taller then the cage connection with a second hole which could connect to a hinged slot to fit over the extended portion of the ring allowing a lock to completely secure you in and prevent escape. Make it so it can be locked and i give it an A+ but as it is i say C+ a cage that can easily be removed without it's owner/key holders knowledge is Useless.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 06 April, 2013 by Anonymous

    The design concept is there with the exception of the stripped screw problem. Out of the box one of the screws that holds the head cage on was stripped and seeing that someone else reported the same issue, it doesn't sound like a coincidence. I would consider myself average size and the largest ring is too small. The urethral insert is definitely not for beginners.

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    Reviewed: Friday 22 March, 2013 by f87 _1

    love the concept, but needs some work... the screw below the cock cage irritates my sack. the ring and hinge under the sack is irritating as well. maybe some creative sanding will help? great open concept, good for teasing (and cleaning). not very bulky, light, non-metal design (+/-, depending on your needs). seems durable (as compared to CBT3/6k, which can split). not into the urethral thing, but looks interesting. if just starting this, i would look for a safer, easier start for that function, then grow into this addition - but it's there, if you're already there too. all-in-all, a great starter, especially if she's never seen one before.. no obvious lock & key (which can make additional noise), and it's a simple effective design. i give it a ++, but look forward to the improved ABS/comfort design.

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