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The Chastity Time Lock

SKU: AF537

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The Chastity Time Lock

SKU: AF537

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This wicked “Time Out” lock will guard the key of your chastity device until you’ve learned your lesson.... Read more...


You have no hope for freedom until you’ve served your time!

How long can you keep your hands off your slutty genitals? Whether you’re interested in more challenging self-bondage, or your Master or Mistress is interested in a more effective punishment, your complete lack of self-control can only be cured by a complete lack of power. This wicked “Time Out” lock will guard the key of your chastity device until you’ve learned your lesson… no matter how long that takes!

With a countdown of up to 99 hours, you (or your owner) can decide exactly when release is granted. Your arousal will eventually turn into desperation as you watch each second tick by. Just confine those naughty bits in your favorite chastity cage or belt and kiss that key goodbye as you lock it away in a cabinet or box. Make sure the lock is fully charged prior to use. Instructions are included to facilitate a safe experience. You will hear a tone, your new favorite sound, when you’ve finally made it to the finish line!

Use of this lock is best when enjoying with a partner. That way, they can assist you when needed. If you prefer using the lock for self-bondage play, we suggest giving your partner a heads-up. Prior to applying the lock, make sure that the battery is completely charged and everything is in top working order. Do not use the lock while under the influence of any stimulants, alcohol, or anything that would cause dizziness or drowsiness A good idea would be to work your way up to longer periods of lockdown time. Start with a few minutes and then gradually work up until you can use the lock for longer periods of time. If you need to immediately remove the lock, you can use a pair of cutting pliers to break the locking bracket.

You’ve got up to 4 days to learn some discipline. Nothing can stop the clock, and only time will open this lock!

The Chastity Time Lock specifications:

  • Measurements: 1.5 inches in length, 1.75 inches in length. Locking bracket is .1 inch thick.
  • Material: ABS plastic, metal.
  • Note: Charges via USB. Includes lock, charger, and instructions only.
  • Note: Suitable for holes up to 4mm in diameter
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