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The Deluxe Humbler


The Deluxe Humbler The Deluxe Humbler The Deluxe Humbler
$160.00 $99.99
Rating: (24 reviews)

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The Ultimate Humbler with Locking and Electrosex Features

For those unfamiliar with this device, let us explain the beauty of this sadistic creature. The humbler is a hand made S&M device that secures around the wearer's ball sack and locks it in place with its built-in security mechanism. A key is required for opening and locking the device, giving the administrator exclusive control. The wings of the humbler secure under the butt for an important purpose. If the wearer tries to stand while in the Humbler, intense pressure will be felt as the ball sack starts to pull further from the body. Thus, this cruel device keeps them crawling on all fours. The wearer can not get to their feet. In addition to the unique locking feature this humbler has 2 electrical terminals that can be connected to an electrosex unit giving them a sensational experience. E-stim leads are banana style and work with Folsom products directly. our Pin to Banana Inline Adapters (shown below) will convert pin style leads to fit into the connectors, allowing you to use Zeus Electrosex Power Boxes with this product.


  • Electrical Leads
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Lacquered, Smooth Hand Finish


  • 15 1/4" long
  • 2" wide
  • Ball Enclosure is 2" wide, 1 1/8" tall and is 7/8" deep.

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Customer Reviews

Viewing 5 of 24 Reviews
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Sub Hub Date Added: Sunday 07 September, 2014  
Update - my wife finally used the electrical option. Let's just say I'm a much better trained puppy than I used to be. If you think having your bulls pulled behind you and locked in a humbler where they are completely vulnerable is likely to bring about total obedience then imagine having electricity shot through them for the slightest miscue can do.
4 of 5 Stars! [Rated 4 of 5 Stars!] by Bill Thankful Husband Date Added: Wednesday 01 January, 2014  
I received the deluxe humbler as a gift from my wife. She is always very thoughtful and purchases things for me things that will aid in my duties serving her. This product is no different, I instantly felt her power and the desire to preform better. The humbler keeps you on all fours with your balls and anus fully exposed. The pressure is immediate but not too bad. It does build over time; and hits to your exposed swelling balls will obviously only make it worse. The E-Stim butt plug or pads can be a great form of discipline, my wife can lock me in the humbler and let the plug do the work while she is free to do whatever she likes. The real benefits that I see from this product are the extremely humiliating and vulnerable position you are left in and how this can be used to better serve my wife. You are locked into a position that leaves your face at her foot level with your bottom up in the air. You can move by crawling but it does become more and more painful. Without any force or effort my wife can securely keep me at her feet for unlimited amounts of time. This will allow me to preform my regular takes but only better and with more attention and focus. Cleaning the house will take longer but the scrubbing of floors, kitchen and bathrooms will be done to a much higher level that will hopefully please her. Pedicures and foot massages will be done with a heightened sense of purpose. I am so grateful for the gift and hope to keep getting better at my duties in the New Year. My wife's laughter as I attempted to crawl on the floor was already a great sign that she is happy with the purchase. The only downside from the first use was that after repeated crawling and some discipline my balls did pull through the opening. This was not easy and very painful but not sure if it will be an on going problem.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by ray jonson Date Added: Saturday 07 December, 2013  
Great device for gays as well,my mate locks me in one and works on my balls with a riding crop,such a turn on! My butt gets attention too since it is so exposed. Later on,we swap roles and I give him as good as I got,maybe more! Great device,get one and have fun!
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Sub Hub Date Added: Saturday 23 February, 2013  
My wife locked me into the humbler for Valentine's Day. She used me as a footstool and ordered me to crawl around the house, which wasn't very easy because your balls are constantly pulled back. She also used her crop on my ass and even gave me balls a few swats. WOW! When you're locked in, you are definitely humbled. I don't think I've ever been as grateful as when she tossed me the keys and told me to unlock myself. Guys, if you want to be under the complete control of your woman, get yourself a humbler, get down on your hands, and knees, and get ready for whatever she has in mind. Trust me, you'll do it and you'll want to worship her for making you do it.
5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Humbler Slave Date Added: Wednesday 21 March, 2012  
My mistress got this and she was please to see it work. She told me to put it on and it keeps me on my knees. She lets me clean her pussy to she is done with me. She also got the full body cuffs and put them on me so I can't get off my knees .then she tells me if I want to get out I have to clean the house on my knees than I can come back and lick her again she.when it's time to go to bed she had me get in bed and she hand cuff my hands to the foot of the bed and my feet to the head board with a come alone more noise I made tighter the come alone got and longer I stay like that.she finish with my ass in the air and my ass her pussy and she love this when I have it on all she has to do now is tell me what she wants
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