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Realistic Ejaculating Penis


Rating: (14 reviews)

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This large realistic dildo is made to feel like the real thing. With its silky, realistic skin texture, this cock is something to behold! You can fill the balls and squeeze them when you are ready to blow his load with a life-like ejaculation! The vibrating tip has a variable speed control for hands on clitoral stimulation.

Measurements: 6.75 inch insertable length, 8.25 inch total length, 2 inch max diameter, 6.25 inch circumference, 29 inch remote control cord

Material: PVC

Color: Natural

Note: Requires 2 AA batteries, not included

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Reviewed: Wednesday 29 October, 2014 by loves dildo

I fantasise about fucking a big cock and my husband is only small. My husband weakened and bought me a realistic dildo, after me threating to call my ex and fucking him. The dildo arrived in the mail two days later; I ripped it open and put one of our many porn movies, (this stared Peter North). I lube up the dildo while rubbing its head up and down the length of my pussy slit for a few minutes. I insert its beautiful big helmet shaped head into my pussy. it stretched my pussy open wide, God it felt so fuckin good. I kept pushing it in deeper and my pussy readily accepted its advance, I moan and groan with pleasure. I spreading my legs wide apart and pushed the dildo in full depth and fucked myself slowly, my pussy felt so full and I loved it, God its good, I was approaching my first orgasm on this lovely big dildo, my ass raised clear of the bed as my back ached, my hips trembled, my legs shock, my pussy was making loud sloshing sounds and quivered and clasping the thick shaft, juices oozed from my pussy. I fucked myself to orgasm after orgasm, My husband has come to realise he can be part of my dildo play and now loves being in control of the big fake cock and fucks all different ways, he makes me orgasm night after night with my wonderful realistic dildo. I really do love this dildo and would recommend it to any women wanting a big cock experience.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 01 October, 2014 by Dianne Cambridge

My husband decided it was time for me to experience the feeling of being penetrated by a much larger penis then his average 6 incher. He went online and purchased this dildo. At first the thought of using a dildo scared me, but also excited me, so I agreed to try it providing we take it nice and slow. After half a hour of for play I felt the big replica cock starting stretch my pussy wide open. My pussy stretched surprisingly easy to accommodate the big dildo.. I loved the feeling of being so full as it went very deep inside me. Every movement with this huge dildo provided me with sensation I had rarely felt before, It didn't take but only a few minutes for me to take every glorious inch of this beautiful dildo. After only 2 or 3 minutes I had the most powerful of my life. My husband fucking me with this dildo is actually the best sex I had ever had. My husband said, you really loved having you're new bigger best friend fucking you, didn't you, I just smiled and nodded, Yes. I would differently recommend the dildo, to any women who craves unbelievably intense orgasms.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 07 March, 2012 by Anonymous

got this yesterday. my asian GF told me she needed to use it on me ! So i said K. she fuked me and i liked it then she said u like CUM and shot a load in me! Felt YUMMY a mUST !

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 December, 2011 by Anonymous

This dildo is not at all how it has been described in the previous postings. First of all, there is no reservoir for liquids. There is only the small hole in the tip of the penis, making inserting liquids to the balls, or cleaning the dildo impossible. This is a terrible design!

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 December, 2011 by Anonymous

After my wife discovered my threesome in college, she said she wanted to feel what a banging multiple guys would be like. So she ordered this guy. She started with my cock and after I blew my load in her, then he came next. After taking 3/4 for about 10 minutes, she was ready to cum again. I squirted this guy in her and watched it slide 100% in as she went crazy again. Then I pulled it out, refilled it and went again and again. After she had her fill she insisted on making me feel what its like to catch a load. She first made me swallow. Then we started with smaller toys and worked are way up in my ass. I had never had anything in my ass before. I must admit the feeling was good and when she squirted it in me, I know what she meant. Now she has multiple orgasms everynight, as this things cums and cums and cums. And now that she can take control and cum on and in me, she doesnt hesitate taking her clothes off from 5pm to 10 pm.

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