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G-Spot Penis Extension


$9.99 $5.99
Rating: (5 reviews)

Not only are you adding one full inch to your cock's length, but this also offers a curved tip so you can stroke your partner's G-spot easier. To use simply roll the condom-like sleeve over your penis and let the tip of your cock rest inside the jelly rubber extension. As you penetrate your partner, the curved end will stroke and massage their G-spot.

The extension measures 4" of total length and 1.5" in width.

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Customer Reviews

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1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by J. A.L. Date Added: Friday 20 June, 2014  
Now I feel very foolish, having not read the reviews beforehand. It seems like a very good idea, but the product itself is terrible. I was fortunate that it actually fell apart before insertion and came off in my hand, instead of inside of my girlfriend. I am hard-pressed to believe that anyone has ever successfully used this once, but even if they had I can assure you there would be no repeat performance. Consumer: DO NOT buy this product! XRC LLC: Please stop selling this product! It is a potentially dangerous rip-off.
1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Tuesday 26 April, 2011  
OMG same experience. Came off inside me. I was terrified! DO NOT BUY THIS. Should be removed from inventory!
1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Sunday 20 February, 2011  
Should've read the reviews...horrible product!!! I've purchase a LOT of items from eXtreme Restraints, and, this is one that should be deleted from their inventory. Cheap, functionless, too small, the "condom" breaks, and the "tip" was stuck inside my wife. Ooooo...that sounds like fun. AVOID!
1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by Tony Brown Date Added: Sunday 05 December, 2010  
same as the other reviewer, came of me and was stuck inside my wife. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. If do and it does get stuck, so how you want to manage to get your finger inside the other end to pull it back out. ONE USE AND BROKE!!
1 of 5 Stars! [Rated 1 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Sunday 28 February, 2010  
I would not recommend using this product, that is unless you want it to get stuck inside of you. My husband bought it for us to use because he thought the curved tip would feel good rubbing against my G-spot, and it did for a while. But the extension ended up coming off of him inside of me. Luckily, with his help, we were able to remove it, but for for a while I thought I was going to be spending an embarassing evening in the emergency room!!!
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