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Strict Leather Gates of Hell


Gates of Hell Chastity Device
Strict Leather Gates of Hell Strict Leather Gates of Hell Strict Leather Gates of Hell Strict Leather Gates of Hell Strict Leather Gates of Hell
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Chastity Device Has Leather Strap & Nickel-Plated Steel Rings

Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell! This intriguing product is made up of a series of nickel plated steel rings (5 or 7 depending on your choice) and is attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis.

5 ring version: Approximately 4.5 inches in total length; 1st ring: 2 inches in diameter; 2nd through 4th rings: 1.5 inches; 5th ring: 1.25 inches. Also includes bonus ring used to attach a leash.

7-ring version: Approximately 5 inches in total length; 1st ring: 2 inches in diameter; 2nd through 5th rings: 1.5 inches; 6th and 7th rings: 1.25 inches

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Reviewed: Friday 16 January, 2015 by Anonymous

i received the 7 ring gates of hell yesterday. I donned it last night with a semi flaccid penis and it looked amazing. My wife (L) began sucking my nipples and rubbing the head of my cock while she enjoyed cumming on her new inflatable vibrating butt plug. My cock became so engorged that I thought it was going to rupture. There was literally 3/8" or more of bulging meat standing up between the rings. L continued to lightly rub the head of my raging cock and lightly stroking the bulging flesh that was now throbbing form the pressure of the gates of hell. Eventually she couldn't stand the anticipation any more and forced her sopping wet pussy over my engorged cock and slowly rode the metal rings and bulging penis flesh until she came all over my enraged member. Unfortunately, my cock had become so hard that I was in unbearable pain from the pressure of the rings. I was forced to soak my burning cock in ice water to remove the contraption. Afterwards, my cock was severely misshapen with the raised rings still bulging. I fucked L in her ass until she came with delight and proceeded to fill her cavity with steaming hot cum. I can't wait to get home to do it all over again tonight. However, it would be great if I could find a similar setup with rings sized about 1/4" larger.

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Reviewed: Friday 18 July, 2014 by cb to

Got this in the mail finally well worth the wait tho. I had some issues with it the 3 middle rings are a little big for me. The ring for the cock and balls is just right and the last one is perfect. It is a little long so I had to modify it a little to accommodate it for me. Once I got this figured out this is the best thing ever keeps the cock hard for a long time. I showed it to the wife this morning on my way out the door to go to work. she was wondering what was in my pants she grabbed ahold of it and was amazed she cant wait until I get home. I am wearing it right now and my cock has never felt so good cant wait to get home to try it on the wife. Should get one in stock a little smaller maybe an inch shorter 3" over all and the middle rings 1.25"and head ring 1" with the same size cock and ball ring. over all very nice love the way it makes my cock look thank you XR.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 June, 2014 by Bambie Gilchrist

I would love it but the dimensions are important. I'm so small the whole contraption falls off of me . I need smaller rings, an inch or less

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Reviewed: Tuesday 29 April, 2014 by ANAL FREAK

TOO MUCH FUN..7 RING on my dick ..THEN mistress POUNDS my ass with strapon or huge dong .Oooz nonstop for hours..forces me to cum out of my ass over n over.FINALLY my gick will shoot...SUPER HARD..THING IS A BLAST GETTING ASS FUCKED

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Reviewed: Wednesday 23 April, 2014 by Anonymous

I ordered the 7 ring version, and the dimensions of the rings differ from the description on this website and the manufacturer's website. The rings on mine are: one 2" ring, four 1.5" rings, and two 1.25" rings. This would be a perfect fit if the second-to-last ring was a 1.5" instead of 1.25". My only other complaint is that they folded the leather strip that secures the 2" ring underneath instead of over the top (as pictured), and that end bit of leather causes mild chafing. The craftsmanship is excellent and it's very comfortable (other than the flaws I pointed out above). It's the first chastity device I've worn that doesn't result in painful erections, can be worn day and night, and is invisible under normal clothing. It doesn't make any metallic noises while wearing (at least not while wearing briefs), and using the toilet while standing is no problem at all. Hygiene also no problem with this device. It isn't lockable or "secure" in any way, but achieving orgasm while wearing this device is highly unlikely. Much simpler to don and doff than a CB - no lube required - though it is recommended. This piece is superior in almost every way to "secure" devices I've tried in the $100 - $200 range, so it's a bargain at this price!

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