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The Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug


Rating: (86 reviews)
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You do not have the Flash plugin installed to view the file correctly. You may download the plugin from here: <br> This is a really funny video of a dog playing with the three bangs butt plug.

The Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug gives you triple the pleasure

What looks like three cock heads stacked on top of each other is really a product that will give you a good stretching and fulfilling experience. The Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug, is a huge black dildo with three "ridges" that resemble cock heads. The butt plug has a suction cup bottom so you can place it on any flat surface and give yourself hands-free pleasure. Step up to the Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug and give yourself gratifying pleasures. It's made of pthalate-free PVC material.

Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small): Measures approx. 8" in total length, 7.5" insertable length, 7" in circumference and 2.25" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Size (Medium): Measures approx. 10" in total length, 9.5" insertable length, 8" in circumference and 2.5" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Size (Large): Measures approx. 11" in total length, 10" insertable length, 12" in circumference and 3.5" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Material: PVC
  • Each of these plugs offer a unique and stimulating sensation
  • Each plug is designed with three heads that taper wider as you insert the plug deeper
  • Flat sturdy, suction-cup base allows for the plug to be placed on a flat surface and mounted

    Video courtesy of Nate Johnson, ANB Magazine. It's one way to get use out of the butt plug.

  • Available Options:
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    Customer Reviews

    Viewing 5 of 86 Reviews
    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Joe Lee Date Added: Tuesday 27 May, 2014  
    I've been playing with my ass for years now and have always loved the stretch sensation from going bigger. I have the John Homes ur3 dildo and have mastered it balls deep. So I decided it was time to kick it up a notch and got the large 3 bumps. My first impression was no way will something that big go in my ass. The next thought was screw it, I'm gonna go for it anyway. After warming up about 15 minutes I hopped on this bad boy and started cramming that first bump in. It was sooooo close to popping in for about 10 minutes and finally when it did go oh my god I've never felt anything so blissful. My ass had just been opened up further than it ever had. After letting the initial shock wear off a bit I started bouncing on it and trying for the second bump. There was no way I was going to get it in on day one but I went for it anyway stretching my ass further and further bouncing harder and harder. I never got it in but I came harder than I ever have and knew that there was no going back. I will devour the 3 bumps eventually, and I think I've finally found the perfect anal toy. My only complaint is it's a little tough getting it started on your own. After it's in though get ready for the ride of your life.
    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Friday 23 May, 2014  
    Oh my god the medium is huge. The picture is kind of misleading defiantly gonna take awhile to get it worked it but the suction base is awesome.
    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Date Added: Monday 06 January, 2014  
    I have just received the medium. The sensation is just wonderful. Almost down all the way past the third bump. Can't wait to master that and order the large.
    4 of 5 Stars! [Rated 4 of 5 Stars!] by really satisfied Date Added: Friday 27 December, 2013  
    Wow I have been waiting for a while for my large and it finally showed up. I have been using a few toys now and this one is awesome. The bumps feel so good going in and out of my arse. I have a challenge ahead of me I got the first two bumps in with a little bit of time and now have set the challenge of the third bump. Looking forward to getting it in.
    5 of 5 Stars! [Rated 5 of 5 Stars!] by Nita Goodgams Date Added: Thursday 26 December, 2013  
    Got the medium and love it! It's also my favorite toy. I can almost take the last bump, but it doesn't matter...i'm in love with bump #2. lol The suction cup end works great! Definitely stays in place.
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