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The Links Anal Beads


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For those that have graduated past the smaller butt plugs and want something bigger and more filling, might find the Links Anal Beads to fit their desires. One look at these beads and you can guess that you're anus is in for a good stretch, a good fill and a good time. Each of the five beads are in a smooth, cone like shape so you can tease with just one bead or become a master and bottom out on all five beads. When you're done, they can be easily removed with the O-ring handle and cleaned.

Specifications: These anal beads are made of a comfortable Sensafirm material that makes them not only easy to clean, but slippery when lubricated. Each bead is tapered for easy entry and use.

Sizes: There are two sizes available large and extra large (yes, there's no small and large -- one look at either one of these products in your hands and you'll understand why).

  • Large: Measures 12.25" in total length. Each bead reaches 2" in width.

  • X-Large: Measures 15.5" in total length. Each bead reaches 2.5" in width.

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Sunday 19 April, 2015 by Anonymous

    buy these!!!! they are amazing!! best butt toy we've ever had. the unique shape is way better than traditional beads

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 22 July, 2014 by Anal Slut

    My husband restrained me in the punishment bench. He got the XL size. He very slowly worked the first bump into my tight hole. The entire time I was screaming and begging him to pull it out. Once in, he told me to take a deep breath. As I exhaled he quickly shoved the next bump in causing me to scream out again. I fought like crazy against the restraint, shaking and kicking and screaming through the pain. He gagged me to muffle my screams. Then went back to work, slowly stretching me through each bump till the final one was inserted. He left it in until I quit thrashing which took a long time. Then very slowly worked it out of me. He left me in the bench till the next morning when he started the process all over again.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 29 April, 2014 by anal freak

    Ive tried lots of anal toys hoping to train and FORCE my dick to shoot without touching it.Well as soon as I got this home .GOT 1 LINK IN..omg..hands on the wall shook 4 hrs. shot harder than total of 3 in and kept cumming...have not touched my dick in 6 months..and can shoot at least 10 times a day...#%*&ing best..dick STAYS HARD AS LONG AS ITS MY ASS..EVEN PISSING

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    Reviewed: Saturday 12 April, 2014 by tc mich

    Bought the large and love the material its made from, have had this six months and it is the BEST toy ever, so far have managed 3 beads , my problem is that when i get the 3rd one in it is ecstasy and i begin to squirt immediately hands free in an ass clenching knee buckling body quivering orgasm!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 02 April, 2014 by love the links

    I have used it 4-5 times now, and can only get two rings in; but OMG what a feeling when it is passing its largest circumference and your door starts to close behind it. I tried it earlier in the day and am going back for seconds now and hope to get three rings in. I can't imagine ever getting all 5 rings in but I hope to some day. LOVE IT

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