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The Dick Rambone Dildo


The Dick Rambone Dildo The Dick Rambone Dildo
Rating: (78 reviews)
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Step up to the big leagues with the Dick Rambone Dildo!

Bottoming out on a dildo can be quite the accomplishment. That full feeling you get when you finally take in an entire shaft and reach the balls can be stimulating. The Dick Rambone Dildo challenges you to see how much of its shaft you think you can take in. The dildo offers enough length and girth that you definitely know you're taking in a large, thick cock. There's also a suction cup at the base of the dildo in case you want to put it on your favorite flat surface. Once you do that then you can enjoy hands-free stimulation. Are you ready?

The Dick Rambone Dildo Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 16.5" in total length, 13.5" insertable length and 7.5" in circumference
  • Material: Silagel (anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex-free, cadmium-free and odorless)
  • Colors: Available in either black or white
  • Has a suction cup bottom so you can place it on your favorite flat surface
  • Has enough length and girth to offer plenty of pleasure as you take it in

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Monday 16 January, 2017 by Anonymous

    I've owned the Dick Rambone dildo a few times and it keeps me coming back for more. I can take it balls deep and my wife has banged me with it years ago and is banging my ass again lately so I will be purchasing another Rambone dildo for this. Can't wait to see this huge dildo strapped on to her tiny sexy body and banging me balls deep with it!

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    Reviewed: Monday 11 July, 2016 by Michelle Robinson

    I had to work up to this wonderful cock. But once you take Holmes. Rambone slides in so nice. I really like warming up with my Kong he so big but he always slides right in and no lube. But for big Dick I need lube. Once the first 9 inches are in the shaft slides in so long and thick. Ok thank you now time to get back to my wonderful cocks. Mmmm I have 13 cocks a very nice bakers dozen. Mmmm ok to horny time ok fuck

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    Reviewed: Sunday 14 February, 2016 by Anonymous

    Okay, so I got this badboy about a month ago. When I ordered it, I had the idea that it was big and thus great for a good ride. I was wrong... It's fricking amazing how this monster of a dildo feels in your ass! I can get about 18cm/7inches of it in and I'm loving every second of it. It's quite stiff and heavy, which causes a magical experience. And the veins give a nice rubbing when going in. Can't wait to take it ballsdeep! And when you order it, expect a monster. When I opended the box and held it in my hands for the first time, I felt a bit overwhelmed. But just take it easy and enjoy it, it will always look overwhelming but damn it can do the job. First toy and probably best toy I bought! 9/10

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    Reviewed: Saturday 26 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    I got this to use as a strap on. My girl is small & tight but loves taking huge toys & such. First time i used this on her she wanted to see it go in. Although she can only take about 10 inches of it she came so hard so many times that i loss count. Then I finished her off by doing her in her ass with my cock. Again she Came real hard before I could even get the fat head of my cock in. Then came a few more times withen minutes after i did get it in. Im hoping some day she will want to take the rambone up her ass so i can give it to her real deep.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 25 April, 2015 by sasha nagelkerke

    Best purchase of my life when it arrived I was Dolled up tied up and begged her to do me Filled with lot of lube and amyl she fucked me With every inch right from start she left me a Whimpering wreck but every night I ask for it again And let her fuck me roar, all woman should own one Bend the hubbies over

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