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Gift Voucher FAQ

You can gift store credit in any amount directly from your account to your recipient's email. You can even include a personalized message. First you'll need to load your account with store credit by buying Gift Credit.

Purchasing Gift Credit.

You purchase Gift Credit just like a normal item. Choose the amount you'd like, add it to your cart, and check out just like normal. You can't use coupons, and you don't get bonus cash. The store credit should immediately show up in your account. 

How to Send Gift Vouchers.

You can access the link in your My Account page. You just enter the recipient's name, email, amount you're sending, and a personal message. The recipient will get a link that he or she need only click on to redeem the store credit.

Buying with Gift Credit.

Store credit in your or your recipient's account will automatically be used when you go to check out. It will be deducted from your total purchase before any amount that you're charged. If you have more store credit than the total cost of your purchase, the balance will be left in your Account for the future. It's that easy.