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Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt


Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt
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Experience restricted access with this womens adjustable chastity belt

Confine your sub to pleasuring you without being able to access her own parts. Give her pleasure when you want to… and only when you want to! Her precious pussy and ass will be under lock and key, as well as under your control. The Steel Women's Adjustable Chastity Belt is fully adjustable to fit your partner's unique size and shape. The entire restraint system is lined with a rubber trim. With a little patience, remove the rubber trim and unscrew each of the bolts, including those that secure the crotch strap. Fit the belt to the desired size, screw each piece back in place, replace and cut the rubber trim to size and enjoy your partner's desperation. We spent about 30 minutes on sizing and customizing the Chastity belt when shooting the model in the pictures. It was well worth it, be patient and go slow… It's a play seen all on its own.


He fits the chastity belt around my waist, tight enough that i can't possibly touch my wet sex, but still comfortable because of the rubber trim. i don't know how long He'll keep me locked up for before He finally decides to use me for His pleasure… and my own. i'm already desperate to cum when He secures the lock and steps away to admire this body that belongs entirely to Him. "you look exquisite, love," He whispers, and then pushes me gently to my knees. The need between my legs grows hotter and He pinches each of my erect nipples, knowing it will drive me crazy. "you're going to be begging me for cock all day. But you can have as much of it as you want…" He unzips His trousers and pulls out His rock-hard member. In one quick motion, He pushes my face down into His groin and i open wide. "…in your mouth, you greedy slut."

Steel Womens Adjustable Chastity Belt Specs and Benefits:

  • Sizing: Fits waists between 24 and 36 inches in circumference
  • Material: Steel, rubber
  • Color: Grey
  • Features rubber lining for comfort during wear and use
  • Front and back plates restrict access to her most intimate parts
  • Uses a sliding plate to adjust sizing

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    Reviewed: Saturday 09 September, 2017 by Kitshka E.

    My Mistress requires that i be locked in my CB 24/7 - 365 ... the adjustability is an excellent feature for those times of the month when the body needs a bit more room. i've been in a chastity belt since i began my service to Mistress almost 5 yrs ago .. it is now part of me and i feel naked ( lol) when out of it ... She placed me in it to keep me from playing with myself and it is definitely required. k.e. basically i love my belt ;)

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    Reviewed: Friday 25 September, 2015 by SALLY B.

    I love wearing this steel chastity belt for my boyfriend from time to time. Female Chasity is not practicable for long term wear. Recently on a night out my boyfriend locked this belt under my short sundress and he lifted my sundress and showed it off to his other girlfriend. This made me so horny I could not wait to get home and please both my boyfriend and my new girlfriend. Later that night my boyfriend took off the belt and I was so horny I had a huge organism. Next time its girlfriends turn to wear the belt while I wear a sexy sundress with a nice g-string underneath on a night out.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 07 April, 2015 by Sam Templeton

    The rear plate is a great feature. Belts with only a front plate are a joke, it's like having a lock only on the front door for your house but leaving the rear one open all the time. Once you introduce them to anal, they'll love it, so you have to keep that under lock and key too. Also, it you want to punish her, you can slip in a dildo and a but plug and lock it all in place.

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