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Rikers Locking Chastity Device


Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device Rikers Locking Chastity Device
$130.00 $98.00
Rating: (31 reviews)
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Keep him locked and restrained with the Rikers Locking Chastity Device

The beauty of using a chastity device on your partner is that you're able to control if he is able to achieve a full, complete erection. With the Rikers chastity device, you'll be able to keep him secure, completely under your control. The rings of the chastity device are made to stay in place, so you can be certain he isn't going anywhere. The Rikers comes with a cock cage, three different sized rings, a locking chamber, and a lock with two keys. Because the Rikers is designed using a polycarbonate material, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and durable. Polycarbonate material will not crack and is ideal for long term use.


Mistress has been denying me an orgasm for the past week. i watch Her play with Her magnificent pussy, and occasionally She'll sit on my face and let me lick it. Her pleasure is the only think that i should desire, She tells me. However, She wanted to take it one step further. She made me get the Rikers Locking Chastity Device so that She could keep my cock under lock and key, but more importantly, so that i couldn't achieve an erection. "When you watch me get off, your pathetic slave cock won't even be able to get hard now," She tells me, pulling my balls through the cock ring that fits me most comfortably. "you're lucky I don't put you in a tighter one but I'll save that for later." Mistress has to wait for me to calm down a bit before She puts the cage on my flaccid cock, but once it's secure, She locks it up and puts the key in Her cleavage. She pushes me on my back and crawls up to straddle my head. As her breasts brush against my body and face, I feel my cock trying to get hard in the chastity device. "Now eat, Slave."

Rikers Locking Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Cage: 1.4 inches internal diameter, 2.75 inches internal length; Rings: 1.65 inches in diameter, 1.75 inches in diameter, 1.85 inches in diameter
  • Contents: Comes with Cage, 3 rings, locking mechanism, lock, and 2 keys
  • Material: Polycarbonate, ABS plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Keep your partner from being able to complete a full erection
  • Designed to be lightweight, effective, durable, and comfortable for long term wear

    Note: A 2.0 version of the Rikers is also available!

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    Viewing 5 of 31 Reviews

    Reviewed: Saturday 26 August, 2017 by Anon ymous

    If you have shrink out issues buy a Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring from the penis jewelry section. Not a Prince Albert piercing but holds good for me.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 18 May, 2017 by Anonymous

    my Mistress asked me to purchase a more secure device and this was a random selection but a very good choice. i owned it for months before Mistress decided to lock me up and i've been locked the majority of 2017. There is no escape and chastity is hell.

    Was this review helpful? 6   26

    Reviewed: Wednesday 15 March, 2017 by rooster 13666

    The beneficial attributes of the Rikers device lead to my torment. It is pretty comfortable to wear for LONG periods of time, is very secure, and cannot be detected under my jeans. Therefore, when Mistress (my Wife) instructs me to put it on, I know I am in trouble. I will be wearing it for some time as punishment. While in it, liquor is out of the question, which is usually why I am put in it. During that time, I will suffer daily torment, floggings, and restraints. I will be taking my Mistress out for dinner while wearing it, and of course I will be satisfying Mistress with my tongue or some toys several times before being released. She decides when I have had enough and get release. All in all, I prefer when the steel cock cage comes out, since that one is for very stimulating play, however this is a very good item for the purpose Mistress uses it for.

    Was this review helpful? 9   33

    Reviewed: Monday 19 December, 2016 by Pussy Slave

    I just received this Locking Chastity Device and it is top quality my wife put this on me when we got it last week and I am still lock up in it and you cant get out of it no way and you will not cum either .My wife has played a game with me she will only let me out when I agree to eat my cum load when I get out and she will tie me up and feed it to me so the choice I have is to keep being lock up in it or ask to get let out and get feed a load of cum, the longer I wait the more cum gets builds up and you cannot cheat with this device on. Tonight I will ask to get let out and I know there will be a big load ready for me . Great product and worth the money you can have lots of fun with this there will be a new way of getting blue balls just think if you were in the for a month .

    Was this review helpful? 10   43

    Reviewed: Friday 04 November, 2016 by Pat ca

    My girlfriend and I purchased this item a little more than a month ago and have used it MANY times. This is the ultimate in chastity devices, I have not once been able to cum in this unit at ALL!!! Believe me I have tried as well as her trying to milk me.

    Was this review helpful? 9   42
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