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Over the Door Entryway Restraints


Over the Door Entryway Restraints Over the Door Entryway Restraints Over the Door Entryway Restraints Over the Door Entryway Restraints
$25.00 $19.95
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Easily turn your door into a tool for bondage, with these entryway restraints

When you're in the mood to desperately ravish, there's no place that says urgency more than the doorway. With these Over the Door Entryway Restraints, you can keep your lover tied up while they're pinned between your body and the hard surface of the door. Place the barrels behind the door and close it to create a new bondage space. These restraints can be used over, under, or on the sides of the door depending on what position you want your lover in. They can even be used without a door! The cuffs fasten with Velcro for an easy-to-use, comfortable, and secure bondage experience.


We're playing a game. I met her at the bar that evening: me in a suit and tie, her in heels and a slinky red dress. We introduced ourselves and got to know each other over a couple drinks: she travels the world with a research team, I've built a multi-million dollar corporation. And eventually, I take her home. We're making out as we barge through the front door, stripping off each other's clothing until we're both in our undergarments. She's jaw-dropping, in lingerie that I've never seen before. I can't keep my hands off her body. She leads me back towards the bedroom but stops at the door and I push her against it. Restraints hang from the top of the doorway, where they are secured behind it. Our lips never leave each other as I secure each of her perfect wrists. I lift her up against the door, push her panties to the side, and pull my cock out in three swift motions. We pause for a moment to lock eyes and share our familiar grin before I plunge into her. She wraps her hands in the restraints and pulls as I fuck her, ravish her, my hands pushing her into me by her ass. When we're finished, I set her back on the ground and release her wrists from the restraints. We stumble, exhausted but laughing, into our bed. We'll have to play this game more often.

Over the Door Entryway Restraints Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Straps: 10.5 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width; Cuffs: Fits up to 15 inches in circumference, 2 inches in width
  • Material: Nylon, Neoprene, Velcro
  • Color: Black
  • Place the barrels under or over the door for imaginative bondage play
  • The cuffs are secure, comfortable, and durable
  • Fastens with an easy Velcro closure

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    Reviewed: Monday 02 September, 2013 by Secured Slave

    Imagine being blindfolded naked and hung from the closet door of an adult hotel room in full view of the window. Anyone who took the trouble to look in could see the sex slave waiting to be used. Anyone who tried the door would find it unlocked. Anyone who came in could fondle my lovely body. Anyone who put their finger near my shaved pussy would find it very wet. Anyone who pressed into my pussy with their fingers would discover that I had been trained to open my legs when touched there. They could finger fuck me or dick fuck my sex slave pussy. This fantasy really happened to me, and it was the most exciting night of my life.

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